Dynamic tumble dryer with Aquavision





Key features:

18 programmes
4 sensor dry programmes
8 timed programmes
6 special programmes

Easily accessible water tank – integrated into the door
Ergonomic handle
Easy to empty
Simple to replace
B-class energy rating
Condenser system
Acrylic/synthetic option
Anticrease option
Start delay 24hrs
Countdown display indicator
Available in white or black

Specification Attachment:


With the new Hoover Dynamic tumble dryer seeing is believing

With its new Dynamic tumble dryer with Aquavision, Hoover has made wash day even easier. The dryer has been cleverly designed to be simple to operate, convenient to use and economical to run; whilst at the same time featuring an integrated Aquavision water tank, a smart new tank that makes it easier to judge when the collected condensed water needs emptying.

This unique, patented water tank is built right into the tumble dryer’s door, the key factor in helping to see when the water needs emptying. This means no more worries about having to empty the water from the reservoir drawer midway through a drying cycle.

What’s more, Aquavision is easier to remove and transport than the previous reservoir drawer system. Built right behind the glass door it’s very accessible, simply open the door and release the locking mechanism to lift the unit out. It has an easy grip handle and the unique shape of the tank means it is self balancing so there won’t be any accidental spills on the kitchen floor! Aquavisions compact design (about the size of a small bag) makes it the perfect solution for use in confined or awkward spaces, like small utility rooms or galley kitchens.
Not only does the Dynamic tumble dryer perform outstandingly, but it is also eco-efficient as the water being collected inside Aquavision is purified and limescale free. This means that the water can then be used for other household tasks, such as ironing or even cleaning floors. Aquavision is also more environmentally friendly as it can collect up to 5 litres of water, this can save up to 800 litres of water a year which in return can save money.

Special sensors allow programmes to be personalised and drying times adjusted accordingly, the Dynamic tumble dryer takes maximum care of the laundry load every time. Programmes such as the 12 minute cycle for woollens and the Relax programme that loosens creases making it easier for ironing ensure that the Dynamic tumble dryer is not only more efficient but is time saving too. With a choice of 9 drying programmes times can be varied from 30 minutes to 180 minutes. To take advantage of lower off peak electricity tariffs, start times can also be delayed for up to 24 hours.

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