Elicia Italian Cooker Hoods

Elicia Italian Cooker Hoods

Make your project stand out

We reported on a slew of new products from Elica, the Italian cooker hood specialist, only in March but their designers have clearly been working overtime as they have launched yet more, innovative designs into the UK market.

Readers of “Your Showhome” fully realise that to make your project stand out it needs outstanding contents and you will certainly achieve this in your kitchen by including one of Elica’s latest models.

A new hood that has attracted a lot of attention is Halcyon. With echoes of a classic 1950’s radio set but with ultra modern materials and technology, this retrocontemporary design is a vertical type hood having a circular centre made of perforated stainless steel with a square, glass or stainless steel surround.

It gives extremely effective extraction with its high powered motor and is controlled by a beautifully engineered rotary knob that is sheer pleasure to use. LED lights give cool, bright illumination
to your work top.

An essential detail that is hugely significant is “rear duct out”. We all know that the best way to clean the air in a room is to duct to the outside however until now to do this, the aesthetics of a vertical hood have had to be compromised by the need for some type of chimney.

Not with Halcyon and some other new Elica hoods: their engineers have cleverly created a rear duct out option so that air is removed directly from the back of the hood through the kitchen wall and no chimney or ducting is visible.

Halcyon can have either a black or white glass surround or be all stainless steel and is also available as a smaller version, “Mini-Halcyon”, ideal when space is at a premium.

If you want your kitchen area to look really different then you simply have to take a look at Elica’s new Bubble hood. Think of a large black, white or silver ball, fit it with high performance Elica extraction technology and put it over your work top.

You have Bubble. The touch controls just lie on the surface of the bubble so nothing takes away from the simplicity of its shape. It looks totally different and amazingly effective.

Once again Elica have charmed and impressed.

For more details visit www.elica.co.uk oremail info@elica.co.uk

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