Esther Bond – a woman on a mission to give showhomes a new look

Esther Bond – a woman on a mission to give showhomes a new look

Esther Bond founder and managing director of Designs for all Occasions is a woman on a mission – to give showhomes a new look. With her love and expertise in interior design for showhomes she has seen the credit crunch as an opportunity to expand and put together a completely new and vibrant team of designers. She selected only the very best in design ideas and put candidates through two gruelling design tests. Only then offering contracts to those with the newest and freshest ideas. While the quality of British design is rarely questioned -from fashion to furniture, our design talent is some of the best in the world – Esther has taken this opportunity and seen a sliver lining in the cloud of the currant recession – she can offer her clients the very best of design talent – with the very best of ideas.
We are all trying to be more circumspect in our spending.

Replacing “want” with “need”, as our driver to keep budgets in check. More of us are taking the time to scratch the surface of products we are buying – from the brochure to the showhome design. Esther has collaborated with many manufacturers to enable her to put together the best in new lighting, furniture,

ceramics, fabrics and wallpapers for her showhomes. What’s even more encouraging is the number of young designers, and fledgling companies Esther has managed to include in the mix. So if your showhomes are suffering from the gloom of recession, Esther could be the girl to call. Esther offers Showhome Interior Design, curtain and furniture packs, purchase and rental schemes – All with a new twist – and
all at prices to suit your budgets! 01276 691010

Expertise in interior design

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