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EValuate is the end-to-end solution for the whole of the construction project lifecycle

The functions and facilities within the full suite allow a business to:

  • Capture and feedback real project data for the benefit of future project forecasting
  • Avoid cost shocks as designs progress by incorporating regular benchmarking cost comparison during the pre-contract process
  • Create a consistent pre- and post-contract basis for reporting all projects
  • Create and maintain a central repository of historical cost data for all projects, avoiding customer specific islands of expertise

Using the EValuate suite allows a business to benefit from the years of development expertise associated with the CIT product suite used by many customers including Kier, Carillion and John Sisk. Allied to modern technology (MS SQL Server 2005, .NET) and leading-edge user interfaces (MS-Office 2007 ribbon), EValuate offers the unique combination of class-leading business functionality implemented on future-proof technology:

  • Project data inheritance – grow the initial scheme data into the project Final Account
  • Project data scalability – modular solution, each project utilises only relevant modules
  • Project data reusability – inherit data, reuse, analyse, store and retrieve project data
  • Project data accessibility – access project data via wide area networks and the web
  • Project data security – SQL server for robust disaster recovery

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