Falmec Down Draft.

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Down Draft.





Specification Attachment:


first ever downdraft extraction in the form of Down Draft

Premium Italian cooker hood producer Falmec is delighted to introduce its first ever downdraft extraction in the form of Down Draft. This stunning new model is fully motorised, hiding discreetly within the worktop/cabinetry when not in use, and reappearing at a simple press of the touch-sensitive controls.

Available with a white or black tempered glass top, Down Draft has an environmentally friendly single 8W LED illuminating the cooktop and a highly powerful 1000 m/3 motor. The perimeter extraction incorporated serves both a practical and aesthetic purpose, with noise levels kept to a minimum, hiding unsightly filters and reducing the resistance of all air being drawn through them. This means the noise level is kept
down to as little as 43dB.

A 24 hour function option provides an air purification system with the extractor running on its lowest speed for one hour, stopping for the next three hours, and then returning to its lowest speed for a further hour. This cycle is repeated until the
function is deactivated. Down Draft starts from £1129.20 + VAT.

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