Fire and theft protection

Fire and theft protection

Are you alarmed?

If not, you should be!! Recent figures show there were around 50,000 house and building fires during the year and in six months (to September 2010) these resulted in around 140 fatalities. Fire protection is clearly key for any building.

Then there is theft and burglary. Recent statistics show that every 37 seconds a home or property is burgled somewhere in the UK.

The good news of course is that today there is a wide range of reliable alarms available to keep homes and buildings secure. Alarms are now an integral part of any property and are often a mandatory installation to comply with building regulations and insurance requirements.

However, there are now so many brands and types of alarms available on the market that it can be very confusing to select the best product.

This is why Toolstation now has included a dedicated safety and security section in its catalogue. The company has done the research for you, sourcing the best safety products at the very best prices possible.

Take for instance their Fast Reacting Smoke Alarm from FireAngel. Its new thermoptek technology is combined with the very latest in optical sensing and thermal enhancement to provide really fast reaction to all types of fire in one single alarm- all this at just £15.97. The new Toast Proof Smoke
Alarm is a major breakthrough, no more rushing to take out the battery when you are cooking breakfast, just £9.74.

Movement detectors have come a long way since the early models which would be set off by bugs as well as burglars. Toolstation has sourced a Wireless PIR Movement Detector from Response which has a range of sophisticated extras including anti-tamper protection, available at £43.82.

For more basic requirements, the wireless PIR Motion Sensor with keypad is available at just £15.92.
Carbon Monoxide alarms are becoming must-haves these days after an increase in reported accidents from boilers and other equipment.

Toolstation’s new FireAngel digital carbon monoxide alarm shows CO levels and room temperatures plus has a 7 year sealed in battery to give long-term security, £29.47. Toolstation’s latest Catalogue 38, with its dedicated safety and security section, is available free at over 80 trade counters nationwide, can be ordered directly on freephone 0808 100 7211 or online at Toolstation’s catalogue lines are stock items, and customer orders placed before 5pm are despatched for next business day with free delivery on orders over £10.

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