Launched this month is the UK’s first automatic sliding folding door for the home

Launched this month is Folding Motion, the UK’s first automatic sliding folding door for the home.
This stunning innovation means that at the touch of a button a bi-folding glass door system of up to 15 metres long can be opened or closed with no effort. There are even options of door activation via remote key fob, iPhone/iPad control or with finger print reader.

‘Bringing the outside in’ is an aspiration of many home owners and property developers and the Folding Motion automatic folding door system does just that. On one command, the electrically operated doors automatically fold back for a seamless connection to the outside landscape and enjoyment of a much bigger space. By contrast, the folding doors can be effortlessly closed to contain the warmth in your home yet still allowing a view of the world beyond.

Backed by twenty years of experience in commercial automatic door manufacture and advanced engineering, the Folding Motion doors can accommodate door leaves up to 1 metre wide, 3 metres high and span nearly 15 metres long. With double glazed units as standard, the thermally broken bi-folding doors have a high U-value rating surpassing all current building regulations. There are almost infinite possibilities for personalisation including inward and outward opening, a range of door sills, hundreds of colours and various choices of glass to meet customers’ precise requirements.

Complementing the automatic bi-fold doors are movable wall systems and automatic sliding patio doors from Folding Motion. All door systems present the perfect hands-free solution and with safety the highest concern at Folding Motion, all systems include sensitive ‘anti-crush’ and safety sensor devices as standard.

Further options across the entire range of doors include in-glass blinds, which sit inside the sealed unit for an elegant touch of privacy, and smart-glass which at the flick of a switch turns clear glass opaque giving instant privacy from the world outside. All doors come with automatic locking top and bottom with a key cylinder override. The electric locking system is also ‘fail secure’, meaning all doors are 100% secure even in a power failure.

As an established door company, Folding Motion offers a complete after-sales service and is on call 24/7, 365 days a year. The door sets come with a ten-year guarantee and the automatic operator equipment a two-year warranty which can easily be extended.

Further information on Folding Motion automatic door products is available from Folding Motion on 08700 422221 by emailing or by visiting the company’s website at

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