Freestanding bath for smaller spaces

The Nouveau Petite from Clearwater

This stunning Nouveau Petite freestanding Modern bath from Clearwater™ Baths is the latest to join arguably the most comprehensive range of high quality freestanding baths on the market.

Manufactured from the finest twin-skinned Lucite Acrylic, Darren Allison for Clearwater™ Baths says “This Nouveau Petite bath is just 150cms long and its footprint is even smaller.  The proportions are flawless and make it a perfect complement to bathrooms or bedrooms.”

Although more compact, the Nouveau Petite is a full 3cms deeper than the market norm at 63cms. 

There are 11 baths in the Modern range from Clearwater™ Baths, all of which are guaranteed for ten years.


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