Garador launches stylish ‘must have’ gadget

Stylish new handheld transmitter device

Garador is proud to announce the launch of its stylish new handheld transmitter device, which is being hailed as the latest ‘must-have’ gadget for the home. Offering an advanced remote status query function to make users’ lives easier, this stylish new remote operator is expected to make a real impact in the market.
Simon Hipgrave, managing director of Garador comments: “This new state-of-the art handheld operator is leaps and bounds ahead of other remotes; both in terms of style and technology. The sleek finish of the product makes it the latest must-have gadget.”
Unlike traditional bulky, basic remotes on the market, Garador’s new hand transmitters are set apart by a black or white high-gloss piano lacquer finish. The elegant shape fits easily into the palm of the hand for effortless usability.
Simon continues: “Technological advancements revolve around making consumer’s lives easier and that is exactly what this new handheld remote operator has done!
“The remote status query technology means that a user can tell whether an out-of-sight door is open or closed, just from the simple push of a button. This means that users will no longer have to brave the weather to check that their garage door is closed!”
Simon believes the remote monitoring capability of the device combined with its unique, stylish design will make Garador’s new hand transmitter a real hit with consumers. He concludes: “We’re extremely proud of the innovative new Garador transmitter, and believe that this stylish new gadget that will soon be an essential in any modern home.”

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