Get your house ready for spring with Black & Decker

New Pivot & Flexi hand-held vacuums

After spending months in cold, gloomy winter conditions, the annual spring clean just feels like a chore – getting the marigolds on, dragging mops through grimy water to clean floors and clearing spiders’ webs from the hardest to reach ceiling corners!

Whilst nothing can make spring cleaning ‘fun’, Black & Decker has brought out several new products to make the annual spring clean much easier and will help keep homes in ship shape condition throughout the year, whatever the season. 

New Pivot & Flexi hand-held vacuums

Black & Decker has introduced lithium Ion batteries to its new-and-improved range of hand-held vacuums. This means that the run-time on the new Dustbuster is now double that of the previous model – up to 15 minutes – and the recharge time is four times faster. On top of this, all Flexi and Pivot models now have fade-free suction power, so rather than the suction fading away as the battery fades, the suction remains the same until the battery dies. The handy eco-charge function means that as soon as the Dustbuster’s battery is full, it will automatically stop charging, meaning no wasted electricity.

The Flexi and Pivot models are 15% lighter, significantly quieter and easier to use, all benefits of the new lithium Ion batteries, with removable bowls for easy waste disposal. Available in a range of stylish colours, these compact models wouldn’t look out of place on display in the kitchen, but can be easily tucked away into a cupboard when the cleaning is done.


The Flexi Vac can be purchased with a range of attachments, including a special head for removing tricky pet hair. A full-length floor extension is also now available, meaning this compact vacuum cleaner can boast the power and functionality of a full-sized machine.


Sleek and compact in design, the Pivot comes with a handy brush attachment and nozzle extension so that users can reach all those high-up and hard-to-reach corners. Black & Decker is also introducing a limited edition model in stylish cherry red.

Let the smell of spring into your home with Steam-mop Perfume 

The Black & Decker steam-mop has already proven its credentials in removing harmful bacteria and delivering gleaming results with every use. As an exciting development for 2014, the brand has responded to research showing that we miss that ‘fresh smell’ from the use of cleaning products, by introducing the Steam-mop Perfume (available exclusively from Argos). The new steam-mop models will now include a unique patented head with a cavity for the lemon fresh scent cartridge. They will come complete with 3 months’ supply (40mins a month) of cartridges to replenish the product, reducing the need for repeat purchase. The Steam-mop Perfume brings the best of both worlds by combining chemical-free cleaning with that fresh, reassuring smell of a sparkling clean home.

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