Giardini Wall coverings

Has a new release…Metamorfosi

Giardini Wall coverings has released Metamorfosi – a rich and creative
collection of textile wall coverings, set down in eleven harmonious
colour combinations in step with the latest fashion and interior design
Matched according to chromatic scales, the colour variants allow
unique and precious interiors to be created. The collection draws on a
wide range of yarns and a variety of textures, and on the weave,
graphic markings and material quality that bring to life infinite
combinations that cater to personal tastes.
Giardini Wallcoverings’ new proposal is the result of an analysis of
the actual needs of interior designers, architects, and final consumers
who are seeking products of superior quality in terms of performance
and aesthetics, as well as qualified creative advisory services.
To help customers get their bearings within the collection, each of the
eleven lines has an evocative name – like Primavera (Spring), Oltre
Notte (Beyond Night), Terra Bruciata (Burnt Earth), Grigio Boreale
(Borealis Grey), Nocciola (Hazelnut), Espresso (Coffee), Cipria
(Powder), Sabbia Dorata (Golden Sand), Dolomite, Vaniglia
(Vanilla), and Avorio (Ivory) – which hints at the chromatic solution it


Warm and embracing tones cover the home with offerings from the
Nocciola , Espresso and Sabbia Dorata lines, set down in a great
many shades, and available as both solid colours and in various striped
Delicate flavours and materials are evoked by the equally soft shades
of the Avorio, Vaniglia , and Cipria lines. The choice of fabrics – from
embossed to silky – emphasises the expressiveness of the colours.
The two lines Dolomite and Grigio Boreale convey the mysterious
charm of rocks, mountains, lights and Nordic landscapes. Dominated
by shades of grey, the series contains a wide spectrum of brightness
and hues, ranging from warm to cool.
The colours offered by Terra Bruciata, Oltre Notte and Primavera are
intense and full of character. With energetic reds, electric blues,
mysterious greys and feisty greens, these lines are made from different
yarns and finishes and their visual and tactile effects vary



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