Give ‘slopping out’ the heave-ho…

With an insinkerator food waste disposer

The one downside to a nice meal with our family and friends is the messy bit that comes after it!

Consumers who have a dishwasher will have already eliminated the arduous and unhygienic task of washing up by hand. But is ‘slopping out’ really any better? This, of course, is the quietly gruesome job of sorting out our food waste and making sure it all goes in the correct containers. It is slow, messy, ironically wasteful and not the kind of thing we want to be doing on a relaxing Sunday afternoon or a rushed evening during the working week.

There is a marvellous and very efficient answer to this problem, but how many of us actually think of it?

InSinkErator® is the global leader in food waste disposers, which offer multiple advantages in saving personal time, valuable energy and unnecessary food waste. These extremely efficient and capable products are also great champions of the environment.

Throwing food away in the old-fashioned style only adds to our household bills and blights the precious land around us. Food waste accounts for about 20 per cent of all household rubbish and it is reckoned that local authorities could save around £33¹ per household if everyone were to use a food waste disposer.

Food scraps that have been through a waste disposer can be used to create biosolids as part of a holistic waste management approach. When the recycled material is used as a power source, soil conditioner or fertiliser, the cycle begins again.

With a disposer, food waste is dealt with hygienically and instantly and less food waste ends up in landfill to contribute to methane and other greenhouse gas emissions.
InSinkErator’s food waste disposers are affordable, convenient, and super-efficient. They are quite simply one of the most valuable allies a modern kitchen can have. The top of the range Evolution® model, for example, is fashioned in a space-saving compact design and 60 per cent quieter than standard models. It has auto-reverse action for extended product life and trouble free operation and includes a five-year parts and labour guarantee.

Ashley Munden,’ Sales and Marketing Director for InSinkErator® says: “It is so often said of the dishwasher that once people try one, they would never be without one. An InSinkErator® food waste disposer falls into the same category. It is a boon to the consumer and a significant contributor to the much needed improvement of our environment. Why go on ‘slopping out’ when a highly efficient mechanical friend can do it for you?”

For more information about InSinkErator® products or local stockists visit the company’s website at or call 0800 389 3715.


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