Gorenje expands its retro refrigeration range

New left handed models added

Gorenje, the Slovenian manufacturer famed for its creative and inspiring appliances, has expanded its hugely popular Retro refrigeration range further with more left handed options.

The addition of further left handed options to the Gorenje Retro refrigeration range allows consumers greater flexibility when choosing their Retro. Combined with a range of vibrant colours, product sizes and specifications, the option of hanging the door from the left side of the appliance not only allows the refrigerator to be positioned differently within the room but also doubles as a user friendly feature to accommodate the left handed portion of the population.  

The Gorenje RK60359 Burgundy and Black, RF60309 Burgundy and Black and RB60299 Burgundy, Black and Fiery Red Retro refrigerators are now available in left handed options for increased flexibility and functionality. 

The Gorenje Retro refrigeration range has enjoyed huge success in the market place with its combination of a vintage 1950s inspired design coupled with forward thinking user friendly features.  The design flexibility of this product has been a huge feature in its success and the massively positive response from customers, as its availability in a range of colours allows this appliance to fit with a wide variety of kitchen designs and colour schemes.

Lauren Abbott, Gorenje’s Marketing Manager, says:  “The Gorenje Retro is one of the most popular appliances we produce and it has been a huge pleasure watching its success. The demand for these refrigerators is still growing thanks to its massively popular design and intelligent user friendly features.  To meet this demand we have expanded the range to include more left handed options to allow a greater number of people to express themselves through, and enjoy, this product and its stunning style.”


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