Heard, but not seen!

Heard, but not seen!

Stealth Acoustics totally invisible in-wall/in-ceiling solutions are a real boon for housebuilders – and here’s why. Stealth Acoustics’ complete range of innovate, full-range, ‘invisible’ loudspeakers is changing the way consumers approach in-wall sound – with a little help from the UK custom installation industry.

Exclusively distributed in the UK by Habitech (www.habitech.co.uk), the custom home cinema experts, Stealth’s range combines no-compromise acoustics with no-compromise aesthetics – at real-world prices. Stealth Acoustics is at the forefront of totally invisible sound solutions, with nearly 40 years of experience in producing awesome sound, hidden from view – and without compromise. Most in-wall speakers leave grilles on show, so whilst you enjoy seamless-to-wall integration, you still have to compromise room aesthetics. And whilst invisible speaker solutions have been around for a number of years, most have compromised performance for aesthetics – at exorbitant  prices. Stealth’s invisible speaker solutions offer great value
to installer and consumer, whilst retaining sound integrity – without being seen.

Stealth speaker panels utilise a unique invisible acoustic 3-layer composite material, comprising two layers of highgrade graphics paper with a foam centre for the speaker face. Acoustic transparency is achieved via an ingenious, and unique, milling process. The face of the speaker is fixed flush with the wall, and finished with plaster, ahead of matching the room with paint. Front panels are mechanically isolated from the surrounding wall so as to prevent cracking of wallpaper and paint. Stealth recently introduced a new range, replacing the widely regarded FX/AX series.

The most cost-effective speaker in the new range – the LR6 can really challenge the more traditional visible in-wall/in-ceiling speakers to the limit. As with every speaker in the range, the LR6 is completely invisible once installed – so it can let its sound performance do the talking… It’s a two-way, full-range loudspeaker with a rigid frame that attaches directly to standard structural framing. The paint-able active diaphragm face is bonded to the frame of the speaker panel, creating an active area surrounded by a stable mounting area. Installation instructions are shown on a paper overlay that is to be removed before installation. The overlay can also be used as a cutting template for retrofitting the speakers into existing wallboard. Installed in wall or ceiling, it incorporates an acoustically coupled high quality, high-power 6inch cone woofer and a direct coupled 25mm neo-magnet highfrequency motor.

Advanced internal carbon fibre materials allow for smooth frequency extension to 20kHz. Also new from Stealth is the two-way, full-range LR3. An acoustically coupled high quality, high-power 8inch cone woofer steps up from the LR6, although the direct coupled 25mm neo-magnet high-frequency motor is standard – as is the smooth frequency extension to 20 kHz. Again, it is inwall or on-ceiling.

The B30, two-panel monaural subwoofer incorporates two acoustically coupled, high-quality, high-power 8inch cone
woofers. The B30 panels work in pairs as a monaural output subwoofer. This two-panel system allows each panel to be
placed wherever they perform best, free of visual concerns that may conflict with architectural features. B30 panels
may be mounted separately or stacked to achieve desired acoustical results. For stereo subwoofers, four panels should
be employed. Using acoustic lever principals, the B30 provides exceptional bass output from 20Hz to 160Hz by trading off excursion for surface area to propagate bass waveforms. www.habitech.co.uk

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