Heat pump inverter technology

Benefits ground source and air source

Launched this month by renewables company Thermal Earth, is the MasterTherm range of high efficiency heat pumps.

The heat pumps use award-winning inverter technology not only on its air source versions but also for its ground source pumps, a first from a UK supplier.

This inverter technology gives huge benefits to users as the MasterTherm heat pumps provide full modulation between 30% and 100% to match the building’s heat loss.  This significantly reduces the number of on and off cycles, meaning that the compressor is hardly ever switched off, so avoiding high starting currents, high electricity costs and extending the product life.  The variable output control from the heat pumps also eliminates the need for a buffer tank reducing space requirements and cost.

The MCS accredited products ’AquaMaster’ ground source heat pumps and ‘BoxAir’ air source heat pumps both have NeoBox internet control and monitoring modules fitted as standard. This internet diagnostics system allows Thermal Earth to monitor the performance of all customers’ heat pumps and to carry out any maintenance work remotely. Engineers are able to access systems using devices such as laptops, smartphones and tablets for easy control, minimising the need for site visits. The NeoBox unit extends the warranty of the MasterTherm products to seven years. 

MasterTherm heat pumps integrate effortlessly with solar thermal systems, automatically using any available solar gain to prevent the loss or waste of this energy, ensuring the most economic use of electricity without compromising on the availability of hot water for users. With variable control for underfloor heating management, MasterTherm can manage five different flow temperatures, which can extend across different floors, rooms and requirements throughout a building. The heat pumps can be configured to monitor external ambient temperature and to control and maintain the internal temperature accordingly. This weather compensation can extend across multiple parts of a building and a number of heating circuits, allowing for flexible and varied heating, as well as cooling if necessary. 

The heat pumps also have a zero starting current therefore overcoming issues with District Network Operators.

Both the MasterTherm AquaMaster and the BoxAir Inverter heat pumps qualify under the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) providing a short pay back of only five to eight years.  AquaMaster ground source models are available in outputs of 6.6kW to 65kW three phase and 6kW to 22kW single phase electric. The BoxAir air source models come in outputs of 7kW to 25kW three phase and 7kW to 22kW single phase. In commercial applications MasterTherm can offer up to 512kW output in linked configuration, providing heating solutions to large commercial or public sector projects. 

Thermal Earth provides renewable heating solutions across the domestic and commercial markets with a comprehensive range of heat pumps, wood boilers, and underfloor heating systems. 

Further information on MasterTherm is available from the company on 01269 833100 email info@thermalearth.co.uk or by visiting the company’s website at www.thermalearth.co.uk

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