High Tech in wood

High Tech in wood

Latest wood construction technology applied to build durable and contemporary timber houses

Stommel Haus, German Premium Manufacturer of off-site manufactured timber houses, applies High Tech in timber construction to build

energy efficient and contemporary timber houses. Based on traditional craftsmanship in combination with the latest technology in timber construction and high precision manufacturing, houses of the highest quality and standards can be produced – each and every one to the design

requirements of the homeowners and their architects.


It takes a lot of experience, careful selection of sustainable and top quality materials to build such durable and beautiful houses. In order to avoid the need for chemical wood preservation, constructive wood protection methods are applied.


These bring out the best of the natural properties of wood: durability, sustainability, energy efficiency and properties supporting the human well being. Material is selected which by design makes a house inherently stable and robust. Only solid heartwood of polar spruce grown in certified forests north of the Arctic Circle is used.


After cutting a thick beam from the centre of the slow grown tree trunk, it is cut again through the middle and the inner sides, i.e. the heartwood of the trunk which is the hardest part, is turned to the visible side of the wall. The wood is carefully brought to a residual moisture level which is unattractive for insects, bugs or fungi.


The layered architecture of the timber house wall makes sure that no moisture can penetrate the wall and that best use is made of wonderful properties of the wood. Chemical treatment of the wood is obsolete.


The energy efficient wall has no sealant membranes therefore avoiding any kind of condensation which allows for an unrivalled interior atmosphere – the trademark of Stommel Haus. The wall construction developed exclusively by Stommel Haus avoids twisting and shrinking which enables building contemporary designs with lots of glass. Virtually any kind of design can be built with saddle or flat roofs, mono-pitch or barrel-shaped roofs, glass roofs and dormers, with balconies and roof terraces etc. High Tech in timber and good architectural design together provide not only beautiful but also healthy and sustainable homes – probably the listed buildings of tomorrow.


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E-mail: info@stommel-haus.co.uk


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