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For centuries, wallpaper has been used to decorate the home and create a more liveable space, adding interest and texture to the walls. In recent years, wallpaper has been through a renaissance, seeing patterns such as vintage floral prints in new retro designs making a strong come back.

Hot House Interiors offer a vast selection of impressive wallpapers from brands such as Harlequin, Romo, Villa Nova, Zink, Sanderson and Clarke & Clarke. With so many styles, colours and patterns available, the possibilities for creating a truly unique design statement in your interior are endless.

Expert Advice…
Louise Rocco, Interiors Stylist & Managing Director, Hot House explains
“How to create different interiors with wallpaper”


1. Reflect your furniture
“To help you tie elements of a room together, choose a print of wallpaper that can be reflected through your furniture or soft furnishings. Opting for a simple pattern like this ‘Maze’ by Harlequin, will easily allow you to echo a similar type of design featured. Modular and retro styled furniture with bold, colourful accessories would partner this wallpaper perfectly due to their symmetrical quality and matching simple design. We are lucky that many wallpaper designs now feature as both fabrics and wallcoverings, so you can ensure that you get the exact cushion cover to match your chosen print. This will draw attention to both the walls and the furniture, creating a unified interior with a sense of harmony”.

2. Be inspired by nature
“Bring a sense of calm to your home and choose a wallpaper print that’s inspired by the natural world. This beautifully subtle ‘Leaf’ wallpaper by Harlequin, features an oversized translucent leaf silhouette that evokes luxury. Not only does the print’s muted palette help soften the interior wall but its understated botanical print looks great all year round”.

3. Go stripy
“Stripes can be extremely effective for creating new depths of space as they can change the proportions of a room, adding height and/or width. For a modern approach to traditional striped wallpaper, opt for a blurred horizontal stripe that bleeds into one another. ‘Demeter Stripe’ by Harlequin offers a wonderful alternative to the vertical two-tone solid stripe. The dramatic bands of colour create a hazy effect that is reminiscent of a sunset at dawn, while the horizontal stripe gives the illusion of added width”.

4. Colour block
“For an interior that is truly one of a kind, use different coloured wallpapers to create a dramatic piece of art on your walls. By separating different sections of the wall into repetitive shapes to then frame with a heavy-set border will create an eye-catching, dramatic feature wall. ‘Stitch’ by Harlequin is a perfect example of how colour blocking can impact a room. Framing is a great technique to enhance the vibrancy of each colour block as well as projecting a modern, art nouveau aesthetic.”

5. Do a double take
“Wallpaper should be fun, so why not opt for a light-hearted pattern that adds a little humour in the home. ‘People’ by Harlequin is a wallpaper that features hundreds of painterly silhouettes. From a distance this print looks like any other but after closer inspection ‘People’ becomes clearer to the unsuspecting eye. Selecting such a visual wallpaper print such as this, will add depth and whimsy to the walls”.

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