Idealcombi push the bar higher to create new standards

Idealcombi push the bar higher to create new standards

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The benefits of aluminium/timber windows

With the ever-changing development of the window and door industry it is important that the customer looks carefully at the long-term benefits of the windows and doors they purchase.


The ever-increasing popularity of using aluminium/timber windows is understandable as customers strive to achieve energy performance results, which will put their home or development years ahead of its time and also be an economical investment for the future. On top of the energy benefits of the aluminium/timber windows there are the economical gains.


Aluminium/timber windows require minimal maintenance compared to a traditional wooden window. The age of spending time and money repainting and maintaining our windows is fast disappearing as we look for hassle free alternatives, which will give us more free time.


Over the next decade we can expect to see a continuing development of aluminium/timber windows and U-values will continue to drop.

With the UK Government’s intention that all new homes in England and Wales will be carbon-neutral from 2016 and all new non-domestic properties will be carbon-neutral from 2019 there will continue to be a lot of development in the aluminium/timber window market. With the ever developing technologies and the increasing popularity of the windows a lot more time and money will certainly be invested.


Idealcombi invests a lot of time and money into staying ahead in the market and prides itself on being able to offer customers the highest quality windows by using the latest technologies. It is of continuing importance at Idealcombi that we predict ten years in advance what the new regulations will demand. We work hard to achieve this and we also continue to look at our suppliers, especially the glass industry, to help provide us with effective competitive windows.


Composite windows allow for a variety of materials to be used to gain the best performance from a finished product. By using aluminium/timber windows the customer gets the best of both worlds. The aluminium exterior of the window will protect the window from harsh weather conditions, whilst adding extra strength to the window. The timber brings warmth and stability to the frame. Idealcombi strive to bring the best products to the market and understand that, to ensure the highest quality products, you must use the highest quality materials. Idealcombi only use timber sourced from managed FSC sustainable forests within the Arctic Circle. The extreme cold climate means that the trees grow slowly; this ensures they have a tight cell structure. Ultimately, this will give the timber a high level of resistance to splitting, warping and rotting.


Idealcombi’s Futura+

Idealcombi’s answer to the ever changing window and door industry is the Futura+, which offers U-Values as low as 0.68 W/m²k with triple glazed and 1.31W/m²k with double glazed windows. Futura+ demonstrates that it is possible to think long-term when developing windows and thereby ensure high energy standards many years ahead of time.


Idealcombi have used pioneering technology to develop one of the leading aluminium/timber windows on the market. The Futura+ has been designed with high insulating polyurethane (PUR) core, which gives the window groundbreaking low values in the overall energy performance calculation. Like all of Idealcombi’s products, Futura+ has been designed with a real focus on environmentally friendly and energy efficient solutions down to the smallest detail.


Futura+ has been designed and developed at Idealcombi’s head office in Hurup, Denmark where harsh northern European weather conditions are a common factor. Issues such as saving energy, product life span and weather tightness have been intrinsic from the very start of the design process. An ever increasingly important issue for customers is security. Idealcombi’s Futura+ has been awarded ‘Secure By Design’ status. This is a police initiative which supports the principles of ‘designing out crime’ prevention and security standards. Idealcombi’s trust in their products is evident with their 10 year guarantee on all aluminium/timber frame series.



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