Illuminating, seamless, modern wetroom design

Illuminating, seamless, modern wetroom design

from ACO Building Drainage

Specially developed wetroom drainage solutions from ACO Building Drainage are available to make designing and installing luxury wetrooms simple and effective. Recent consumer trends have driven a huge growth in the demand for wetrooms. In response, the UK’s leading specialist in the design and manufacture of drainage systems and corrosion resistant drainage products has introduced innovative solutions to enable standard bathroom drains to be converted quickly and simply for use in refurbished wetrooms.

Stylish choice 
The attractive stainless steel ACO Shower Gully system is a compact range for applications wherever capacity is a crucial factor and for either flexible sheet or tiled flooring. With a choice of vertical or horizontal outlets and nine individual perforated styles of gratings it is sure to appeal to even the most demanding designer. The looks and reliability of the ACO Shower Gully system are guaranteed to be long-lasting, thanks to its manufacture from tough, corrosion resistant, electro- polished stainless steel. A slip resistant feature complements the aesthetic appeal of these products, providing safety and comfort for bare feet. 

Linear lines
The ACO Shower Channel system provides linear drainage featuring clean lines and a finish that meets the requirements of the modern wetroom design. The designer gratings come in a range of styles and materials, including electro-polished stainless steel, glass and mineral covers, as well as a discrete tile option to match the flooring perfectly. The channels are available in lengths form 700mm to 1200mm to suit most applications. that light touch For the stainless steel designer gratings, the addition of the ACO Lightline gives a striking visual look and is supplied as an optional illumination kit in blue, red, green and rainbow colours for that ultimate cutting edge design touch. The grating illuminates automatically when in contact with water and switches off shortly after the shower is switched off. The two LED modules fit directly into the grating and are powered by two low voltage rechargeable batteries.

Fitting design
Suitable for both tiled and vinyl floor cover finishes, both the ACO Shower Gullly and ACO Shower Channel can be used on timber-based or concrete floors of new and existing buildings. Both are fully adjustable and sealable systems with straight or elbow connections to provide a 100%leak-free, flush finish. Further information on these exclusive drainage solutions is available from the ACO Building Drainage website, link:

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