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Legrand is on course to become one of the major worldwide names in smart technology thanks to the growing success of its My Open online community and OpenWebNet open protocol.

My Open (www.myopen-legrandgroup.com) was developed with the intention of becoming the online home for those active, or wishing to specialise, in the field of integrated smart solutions. Tailored specifically towards Legrand’s lighting, heating, AV and security control systems, namely Arteor and Btcino, the community currently has over 10,000 registered users.

OpenWebNet is an open protocol language that allows developers to build control Apps for any of Legrand’s smart products and systems. These can then be submitted to My Open and if accepted, distributed or sold via the site’s fast growing App gallery.

Richard Hayward, Marketing Manager for Legrand’s wiring device division, said: “Smart technology is becoming commonplace in homes and offices and as with any fast growing technology there is a thirst for knowledge and a desire to improve on existing systems and processes – something that is exaggerated in this case as a result of the astonishing growth in the App market created by the advent of Apple and android devices.

“Our aim has been to bring all this together in one online forum that enables interested parties to share ideas, solve problems, create new solutions and processes, and between them build an invaluable knowledge base.”

OpenWebNet was originally developed by Legrand Group company, Bticino in response to the number of requests it was receiving to customise its systems. Its appeal has since grown due to the fact it can be used across all of Legrand’s smart systems, which use a full open BUS / SCS protocol that is capable of communicating with KNX, DALI, RS232, RS484 and IP. This openness also means it has the capability to communicate with future systems and protocols.

For further information visit www.myopen-legrandgroup.com

Legrand is the world leader in wiring devices. Its 19 per cent market share means that virtually one in five switches and sockets sold in the world today are manufactured by the company. For further information call 0845 605 4333 or visit www.legrand.co.uk.


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