Luxury showering can make the difference to your sales figures

Although many consumers enjoy the experience of putting their stamp on a new home, they continue to be wary of fitting a new bathroom

All comment attributable to Sandra Hyde, Marketing Manager, Aqualux Products LTD

Although many consumers enjoy the experience of putting their stamp on a new home, they continue to be wary of fitting a new bathroom.  Providing an area where house-builders, specifiers and architects can really set a project apart, a well designed contemporary bathroom gives new buyers peace of mind and can really catch their eye.

Wetrooms and walk in showers have become a big talking point as high end consumers have experienced the luxurious and decadent style within boutique hotels and spas.  Savvy consumers will be well aware of the leading shower designs that are predominantly minimalist and neutral and will be looking for this in a new home.

Modern shower design reflects the need for a harmonious ‘sanctuary like’ environment that allows the user to rejuvenate from the stresses of the day.  Walk in showers and wetrooms provide this tranquil feeling as the large panels of uninterrupted glass combined with sleek silver finished frames and fixtures create an open and spacious atmosphere.  The aim is to create a bright, uncluttered and open plan feeling.  The clear panels of glass should provide a physical barrier to water and suds but without blocking the lines or flow of the space.

In tandem with this, a discrete slim shower tray will produce strong clean modern lines throughout.  Alternatively, for a true wet room look the shower tray can be completely removed and individual shower panels can be fixed directly to the floor to produce a flowing space.  By installing a deluxe showering environment such as a walk-in or wetroom, it is possible to really create the ‘wow’ factor.

It may not always be possible to construct this spa like ‘experience space’ within every project, but even the smallest bathroom can reflect the airy and capacious trend.  The latest shower designs are specially crafted to take up less room.  Quadrant shower trays are the most commonly known space saving design although there are more specialist shapes available from designer showering manufacturer, Aqualux.  One such is called ‘Teardrop’, and is a revolutionary design that can be fitted against a minimal wall yet flows outwards, like a teardrop, thereby creating a capacious showering space.

Backing up the aesthetics, it is important for consumers to feel that the design will last for years to come; and by investing in a reputable quality brand, housebuilders will be able to offer that reassurance to both the trade and the consumer purchasing their new home.  Testimony to the high level of quality, it is vital to make future buyers aware of the substantial guarantees that are offered by branded bathroom products.  Aqualux is one such that offers up to a lifetime guarantee on many of its extensive portfolio.

A luxurious bathroom, filled with quality products and installed correctly will not only last – ensuring that the new owners will not come back with snagging issues, but will also act as a wow factor, helping to close the sale creating a faster turn around and ultimately a larger profit margin.

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