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Johnson & Starley Ltd are UK market leaders in ‘Sustainable Solutions Under one Roof’ for residential properties. The company has an impressive and comprehensive range of highly energy efficient heating and ventilation solutions including renewables.

With today’s emphasis very much on energy conservation, the Q-Vent Heat Recovery range incorporates a high efficiency counterfow heat exchanger, recovering up to 95% of the heat that would normally be discharged out of the dwelling. The LE whole house heat recovery systems provide essential air management, with the slimline and compact design allowing fitting within a standard sized kitchen cupboard or above the cooker with the optional cooker canopy. It can also be sited in the roof space.

Both the Q-Vent and LE range feature energy efficient EC fan motors with running costs around just half of AC fans.

The energy efficient CE300 central extract systems for whole house ventilation can achieve airflows of 300 m³/house, again with EC fan motors for optimal energy savings. For smaller properties the CE180 system is available.

The new range of Gencair HPT air to water heat pumps has been developed for comfort heating when integrated within traditional residential heating systems. They work by converting latent energy from outside air into high-grade heat that can be used for domestic heating and hot water.

These compact heat pumps are designed as one piece, fully refrigerant charged and with intelligent control of water temperature. They have low operational sound levels.

Johnson & Starley’s RenoXtra high efficiency combination boiler features a gas saver module build into its cabinet and providing additional system efficiency. The module works by re-cycling flue gas heat, which is normally wasted and expelled to the atmosphere, extracting virtually all the energy to heat the incoming cold water. This results in extra domestic hot water (DHW) efficiency, and savings of up to 40% in winter mode and 11% in summer mode. 30kW & 37kW models are available.

The new range of QuanTec Condensing boilers that will be available during 2012 incorporate the Giannoni isotheremic stainless steel heat exchanger with ‘cool door technology’ This enables NOx levels to fall below 40mg/kWH and with the HR 28c model this technology increases energy savings of up to 26% over the most efficient hot water heater on the market. With lower flue temperatures, reduced pluming is achieved down to almost invisible levels.

Johnson & Starley are Europe’s largest manufacture of Warm Air Central Heating products with electronic control of the heat exchanger, virtually immediate warm up times and obviate the need for radiators. The heaters are quick and easy to install and replacing a warm air heater can be generally undertaken in just a day with minimal disruption to the homeowner. Electronic air filtration can be added as an option. This can remove particles from the air within the property including smoke and pollen.


New country house gains major benefits with Q-Vent

The owner of a new country house near Ripon, North Yorkshire wanted to maximise heating efficiency whilst extracting condensation from the kitchen and bathroom areas over the four levels of the building. The Q-Vent heat recovery system has not only enabled up to 95% efficient extraction, but also brought major energy savings. It provides the total heating requirements for the top floor of the building from otherwise wasted heat.

Two Q-Vent HR160 units are installed with vents built into the ceiling of the kitchen, cloakrooms, the three bathrooms and the wine cellar wash-up area – anywhere moisture can be produced. Concealed ducting carries the warm moist air to the units where the residue is exhausted to the outside roof area. Fresh air that is drawn from outside is heated by each unit’s heat exchanger allowing the saved heat to be re-used.

The building is topped off with a large glass dome over the staircase and the system collects any heat that gathers in the dome and passes it through the HR160 units. Fresh warm air can then be utilised, along with the recovered warm air from the kitchen and bathrooms, to heat the seven rooms on the top floor of the building.

Q-Vent achieves very high efficiency heat recovery due to the inclusion of a counterflow heat exchanger. Air flow rates can be accurately set to give close control of air supply and extraction – essential to provide the correct balance between heating, ventilation and energy efficiency.

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