Maytag heat pump condenser tumble dryer

With ten year warranty

 Maytag, the premium appliance manufacturer, renowned for its superior quality appliances and American heritage, upgrades its extremely eco-friendly tumble dryer.

Robust, powerful and energy conscious, Maytag’s MTD 09HPWH/1 heat pump condenser tumble dryer scores top marks in all the essential categories thanks to its clever design and top quality technology. The feature-rich machine offers a host of genuine selling benefits for retailers.

Quality runs all the way through the premium MTD 09HPWH/1, which has been awarded TÜV certification. The TÜV Rheinland Group, an independent testing body, tested the dryer thoroughly, including its lifetime cycle, safety and quality. As with all new Maytag appliances, the product comes with a ten year parts and a two year labour warranty for total peace of mind.

Advanced heat pump technology constitutes the engine room of this ‘A-50%’ rated model which means it saves an incredible 50 per cent on energy consumption compared to an A-class model. The generous 9kg drum capacity not only dries large loads but relieves creasing and tangling too.

Traditionally, dryers blow hot and dry air into the drum to dry clothes quickly and conventionally. The Maytag condenser dryer, with heat pump technology, uses compressed gas to generate heat, similar to a refrigeration system. This method not only dries clothes more gently, thus avoiding shrinkage and distortion of garments, it uses considerably less energy than a conventional dryer.

The clever and sophisticated machine features Maytag Intellisense® sensor technology that saves up to 50 per cent time and energy, whilst delivering perfect results. The machine measures the level of humidity within the drum and controls and adjusts the temperature accordingly. This means that clothes don’t over-dry, thus saving energy and time.

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