Minus 7 hybrid energy harvester

Provides year-round low cost heating and hot water

The Minus 7 hybrid energy harvester is a renewable energy system that provides year-round low cost heating and hot water. It is a solar-assisted heat pump technology. The NCM (SAP) identifier for this product is Minus 7 SEP3G10 1/2/3. It comprises an endothermic roofing system, a solar energy processor and a thermal store. 

The endothermic roofing system is made up of uniform profile tile planks, formed from an aluminum extrusion, dressed in a powder-coated, hard-wearing finish. These hollow endothermic tile planks are flooded with a heat transfer fluid which creates a flooded roof system. An endothermic reaction harvests heat energy and solar thermal energy from the ambient surroundings which is then processed and sent to the thermal store to be drawn off as required.

There are no unsightly bolt-on panels, which means that the system is visually unobtrusive and cannot be readily distinguished from any other normal roof from the street. Also because it’s primarily harvesting thermal energy it does not require a south facing roof. The system is entirely autonomous and completely separate from the house heating system. It works by delivering low-grade heat to a thermal store buried in the ground external from the house. There are no other support mechanisms, such as a boiler, required. 

The Minus 7 System is proven to work incredibly effectively, not only reducing the quantity of hydrocarbon required to deliver a particular thermal load but also delivering that heat at a significantly lower unit cost (typically at 50%-60% of the equivalent gas fired cost). An average 50m2 apartment operating at a constant temperature of 23.5°C during the winter months, with hot water as well, would cost as little as £7 a week throughout the year.

The system is perfect for new developments and housing associations as when several dwellings are located in proximity the system is able to service up to four properties at once increasing the cost effectiveness for developers. 

The system is eligible for renewable heat incentive (RHI) payments to support the developer’s capital expenditure making it a cost-effective renewable energy system to install.

As energy prices continue to rise year on year the Minus 7 hybrid energy harvester offers a solution that will help users to keep their costs down whilst still providing affordable, comfortable levels of heating and hot water.

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