New age interiors: Design goes digital

From the Design Fairy

Looking to make over your home but time poor and looking to be budget-savvy? Do not fear, The Design Fairy is here! With this firm the traditional practice of interior design has been magically transformed into an online service. Taking design into a new age via an efficient remote service, The Design Fairy is able to provide clients with a personalised design without them having to leave the comfort of their own home.

Anyone can realise their perfectly designed space using The Design Fairy’s services. It’s a simple process. Following on from an initial telephone conversation, the client is asked to fill in a detailed questionnaire; specifically formulated post- conversation. Alongside this brief, The Design Fairy asks for a floor plan (don’t worry, if you’re not sure how to draw this she sends a how-to guide) and photographs of the room. And that’s it! The Design Fairy uses this information & her expertise to put together an easy-to-follow design which is then sent to you. As well as receiving the design electronically you will also receive a design box, filled with samples, swatches and all the info you need to create your new scheme.

As a nation we are more design savvy than ever before. Our homes have become an extension of ourselves. Just as we like to look and feel great, we want to add that “interior designed” touch to our living spaces.

The Design Fairy offers a range of packages so whether you need a quick-fix design solution or a complete room makeover she can help. “This service is ideal for the time-challenged or those who struggle to visualise what they want but are looking for that professionally designed finish. I like to think of it as an affordable luxury”, says Michelle Chasey, founder of The Design Fairy. “The service is accessible to everyone; I have had clients from Scotland through to Dublin, Dubai & India.”

The Design Fairy was founded in 2010 with the aim of providing a cost-effective and convenient service.


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