New appointment for LoftZone

New Chief Executive…

Dave Raval has been appointed Chief Executive of LoftZone, a UK start-up company, which develops innovative technologies to improve the utilisation and energy efficiency of loft spaces.

Formerly the Carbon Trust’s head of entrepreneurs fast track, and before that its head of business incubation, Dave Raval specialises in the commercialisation of new technology. He joins LoftZone as it launches StoreFloor, a revolutionary patented solution, which allows loft floors to be quickly and easily raised above the insulation, effectively protecting its integrity and performance and at the same time providing a safe and secure platform for storage and access for maintenance.

David Lennan, LoftZone chairman, said: “Dave will be able to bring to bear his extensive experience in business incubation, and taking new technologies to market, as LoftZone brings forward and launches new energy efficiency technologies for the built environment.

“The first of these is StoreFloor, which addresses the age-old conflict in the loft between insulation and storage, with the potential to provide one of the biggest ever incentives to improve the uptake of loft insulation.”
Living in Hackney and a past Parliamentary candidate for the Liberal Democrats, Dave was one of the top 40 football referees in London, and also a Football Ambassador for the FA’s Equality team, promoting inclusion in the ‘beautiful game’.

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