New breather membrane – EUROTOP N35


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Fakro are proud to announce the launch of a new breather membrane – EUROTOP N35

EUROTOP N 35 is an excellent material for use as a fully supported or unsupported roof underlay on tiled or slated pitched roofs constructed in accordance with the relevant clauses of BS 5534 : 2003.

EUROTOP N 35 may be used in cold and warm roof details. Providing the roof has been counter-battened with a minimum 25mm timber on top of the membrane and fitted to Fakro installation specification the roof will need no further forms of ventilation. (some commercial buildings may need further technical advice, e.g. swimming pools.) It has a high tear resistance and a unique combination of parameters like waterproofing and water vapour diffusion that enables the fabric to vent moisture whilst remaining fully waterproof, and also guarantees that insulation will remain dry. Its high waterproofing properties also protect the roof against penetration of water from condensation and a leaky outer roof cover. The product also resists penetration of water and consequently may be used as temporary waterproofing prior to the installation of slates or tiles. Excellent water- vapour transmission performance ensures that warm moist air which rises up from the building and into the roof construction can pass freely through the breathable underlay. Tests indicate that Fakro breather membranes will resist the passage of water and wind blown snow and dust into the interior of the building.

EUROTOP N 35 can be laid directly onto insulation and allows it to be used at full rafter height. As a wind protective material it does not allow heat to be drawn away from the insulation.

EUROTOP N 35 consists of three layers. It is a modern product manufactured by a lamination with an electrostatic field of a water vapour permeable and waterproof film between two layers of nonwoven polypropylene spun bond to form a flexible sheet. An outer spun bond layer in green is tear resistant. The middle layer makes the underlay waterproof and breathable and the third, white layer, protects the middle layer against mechanical damage and also assists in tear resistance.

EUROTOP N 35 technology and the materials provide long-term resistance to UV and heat radiation. It is 100% recyclable and capable of re-use as a raw material. EUROTOP N 35 can also be applied on boarded roofs.

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