New high efficiency designer fires offer more heat, less waste and lower bills

A new range of fires launched to reduce the cost of energy bills and waste less


Fireplace designer, CVO Fire, has launched a new range of fires to help reduce the cost of energy bills whilst offering a stylish design solution.

CVO Fire has spent over a year designing and developing the new ‘high efficiency’ (HE) fires and has now launched the Blade.

The HE fires are popular with house-builders and those living in new-build properties as they fit in any home with a class 1 or 2 chimney or a pre-cast flue, are glass-fronted and room-sealed and, therefore, don’t need external ventilation.

The CVO Blade is a hole-in-the-wall HE fire with a thermostatic remote control that offers an 84% energy efficiency rating which means that almost all of the hear generated returns to the room. In turn this helps to reduce energy bills and creates less waste.

The Blade is remote controlled and incorporates a room temperature monitoring system that constantly manages the temperature and automatically adjusts the flame according to the pre-set desired level.

The wall-mounted fire has been highly designed with a curved 4.6 kw/hour gas burner and floating flame.

The Blade is suitable for all properties with a chimney and can be positioned with a shelf and TV above to offer an alternative room design.

As well as being energy efficient, CVO Fire’s glass-fronted HE fires also have low CO2 emissions. Fuel bills could be up to 60% cheaper compared to using a traditional gas fire whilst generating almost twice as much warmth thanks to the glass fascia which increases efficiency and prevents draughts entering the room.

Speaking about the development of the new fires, MD, Andrew Munro, said: “This new range will help to cut energy bills for both domestic and commercial customers. We’ve invested a lot of money and manpower in research and development for the range which is in response to many enquiries from house-builders who specifically want HE fires with CVO’s modern designs, outstanding levels of safety and the guarantee of being British-made.”

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