New InSinkErator producs are perfect for display and sell

InSinkErator has a new range of products that combine excellent margins and consumer convenience

InSinkErator has a new range of products that combine excellent margins, outstanding environmental credentials and consumer convenience. With an InSinkErator steaming hot water tap you can welcoming your customers with tea or coffee without waiting for an irrelevant kettle to boil. The wow factor of their steaming hot water taps become apparent when they are displayed and demonstrated.
The appliance can demonstrate countless kitchen tasks, including the cooking of pasta and rice preparation, making gravy and sauces, thawing frozen food, warming ice cream scoop and re-hydrating dried food for example. Cooking utensils can be cleaned on an efficient, one-off basis and instant foods and other products requiring hot water can be prepared without the need to heat water on the hob or in a kettle.
InSinkErator is the inventor and the global leader in food waste disposers, which also offer a departure from the traditional display-and-sell proposition. With a disposer, food waste is dealt with hygienically and instantly, and less food waste ends up in landfill, contributing to methane and other greenhouse gas emissions. Food scraps that have been through a waste disposer can be used to create biosolids and subsequently used as a power source, soil conditioner or fertiliser.
Ashley Munden, InSinkErator’s Managing Director, Europe says: “InSinkErator appliances are a beautifully compact and highly versatile offering for kitchen designers and retailers. The prices are competitive and our steaming hot water taps have WRAS* approval for total peace of mind. These appliances don’t require any additional showroom space, yet their look superb and offer much needed differentiation and bring added value to the sale.” 

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