New price range for Nolte Kitchens

German manufacturer introduces new classic units

German manufacturer Nolte Küchen has launched a handleless front called ALPHA LACK. Also new are high-gloss carcase sides to match and a number of units called “Classic Types”. The new products can be ordered now and will be ready for delivery from week 43. With the launch, presenting a highlight prior to the big annual inhouse exhibition starting on September 15th, Nolte Küchen enter a new, attractive price segment according to their guideline to produce a great variety of kitchens designed for every taste and budget.

The so called „Classic Types“ or “Nolte Classic” are a new range of cabinets with various alternatives for corner, base and larder units. They are an addition to the product range and available alongside existing cabinets. Designed with a focus on functionality and comfort the Classic Types feature new trays and fittings and can be ordered at a price level below that of the units available so far. With this step Nolte Küchen enter a new area of the market, positioning themselves in the lines of their competitors for the respective product segment.

Nolte Küchen UK Country Manager Bob Marsden sees Nolte Classic as a great opportunity: "At Nolte we pride ourselves on supplying the best quality fittings and hardware currently available and the new Classic pull-out larders and carousels offer a "no frills" option to customers on a tighter budget who do not wish to compromise on the fundamental build quality of their kitchen. The great news for both dealer and consumer is that these introductions bring the dream of owning a Nolte kitchen within the reach of a far higher percentage of the population than ever before".

Introduced along with the new units was ALPHA LACK. The high-gloss lacquer door is Nolte Küchen’s first handleless front. It allows for great planning variety, including even display cabinets, and presents functionality within a highly popular design at an attractive price: ALPHA LACK is a price group 5 door available in High-gloss White, High-gloss Magnolia and High-gloss Sahara. Colour co-ordinated high-gloss carcase sides in High-gloss Premium White (PWG) High-gloss Magnolia (AWG) round off the new launch. Located at the same price level as existing carcase décors they come at no extra cost.

Bob Marsden comments as follows: "The new ALPHA LACK range has come about as a direct result of listening and responding to the wishes of our customers. They now have the choice of three of our most popular lacquered finishes in ALPHA LACK true handleless, whilst retaining the flexibility of our previous "handleless-look" aluminium trim, which can be specified on over 60 different doors and finishes from price group 1 upwards. Our new White and Magnolia high-gloss carcase sides mean the designer has far more freedom to plan a kitchen without worrying about the cost of finishing visible sides potentially pushing the quote over their client’s original budget.“


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