Whirlpool creates the ideal food preservation centre for consumers

Whirlpool has created the ideal food preservation centre for consumers in the form of its brand new freestanding WBA 4328 NFTS fridge freezer. Big and beautiful with plenty of storage space, this extra wide model with an ‘A+’ energy rating is a great energy and money saving proposition for the retailer and an excellent opportunity to sell up.

There is no excuse for unnecessary food waste in this capacious 71 cm wide combi fridge freezer, which protects all food items to ensure that they remain in perfect condition until ready to eat. The stylish unit is fashioned in the new Whirlpool Absolute aesthetic, with integrated handle and is ideal for the contemporary kitchen.

The clever Multiflow technology ensures that chilled air is constantly circulated around the fridge for better performance and improved food preservation, while the No Frost freezer eliminates the tiresome task of manual defrosting.

Another big plus is that the extra width on this generous model affords much more storage space in the fridge and freezer. Hygiene is also effectively addressed by an antibacterial filter to reduce unpleasant odours and the proliferatin of bacteria, aiding food protection throughout the fridge.

The WBA 4328 NFTS is easy to operate and a pleasure to use with its electronic controls and LED display. The LED lighting is an added bonus twice as much light than comparable conventional lighting systems and consumes up to ten times less energy.

Dalia Haddad, Product Marketing Manager for Whirlpool says: “In one capacious and highly sophisticated unit, Whirlpool’s WBA 4328 NFTS fridge freezer offers our consumers quality food preservation in a highly elegant aesthetic that is tailor-made for the contemporary sophisticated kitchen. Food preservation is now recognised as never before as a hugely important issue as consumers continue to waste or throw out food unnecessarily. Food hygiene is also a massively significant issue which we continue to address at Whirlpool with improving designs and technology.”

Key features and benefits of the Whirlpool WBA 4328 NFTS combi fridge freezer:
• Freestanding extra wide 71 cm model offering greater storage space
• ‘Absolute’ stainless steel design with integrated handle
• Intuitive and easy to operate LED electronic controls
• ‘A+’ energy rated
• Total net capacity: 558 litres

• Multiflow technology circulates the chilled air around the fridge for better performance and food preservation
• LED lighting offers twice more light than traditional bulbs and consumes up to ten times less energy
• Antibacterial filter gives protection throughout the fridge, keeping odours and bactria at bay
• Four glass shelves including crisper cover – two are adjustable
• Generous door storage with four extra wide balconies
• Net capacity fridge: 420 litres

• No Frost Freezer eliminates the need to defrost
• Two freezer drawers and two freezer balconies
• Low noise level of 40 dB(A)
• Net capacity freezer: 138 litres
• Dimensions H187.5 x W 71 x D 71.5 cm

For more information on the new Whirlpool Absolute refrigeration and other appliances in the range, contact your Account Manager or call Whirlpool UK on 0208 649 5000.


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