open zone

Model number:

open zone




Key features:

· Sleek black design, no visible construction elements
· ErgoTouch and Touch Slider sensor controls
· Pan detection
· Maximum power 7400W
· First to connect four heating zones of 210mm on 60cm hob
· Booster
· Virtual Booster
· Bridge function
· Stop n Go (pause) function
· Child Lock, Timer on each zone, Minute minder
· Off, Power level 1-9, warm setting
· 60cm and 77cm models

Specification Attachment:


Inari – innovative ‘open zone’ induction by Amica

Amica, the leading Polish appliances producer, is pleased to introduce its latest built-in hob; Inari – a unique, innovative, flexible, extremely beautiful and highly functional induction hob.


A breakthrough in minimalist design, Inari is refined and charming with no obvious controls or heating zones at first glance. Inari features a brand new control panel with ErgoTouch fingertip sensor controls and a Touch Slider sensor control for optional quick, smooth adjustment. Sensors are placed beneath four shallow depressions in the glass, each controlling a heating zone with an LED number indicating the power level under each depression, which is simply and intuitively touched with a fingertip for precise and uncomplicated control.


For unrivalled style and elegance, the heating zones are not indicated on Inari’s surface – instead, at the centre of each induction zone is a small triangle symbol – and no construction or working elements of the hob can be seen through the black surface beneath the glass, even under bright halogen chimney hood lamps.


Inari is the first to connect four heating zones of 210mm on a 60cm hob. Technically advanced and highly flexible, Inari has an impressive maximum power output of 7400W and a number of compelling features including a child lock, minute minder, Stop n Go function which acts as a pause button and each zone has its own timer. Inari offers heating options 1-9 and a warm setting – perfect for melting butter, chocolate, reheating sauces or making fondue.


Inari is an open zone. Place a pan anywhere on its surface and it will detect its presence. A 3700W Booster is available for each of the four zones – two can even be used at the same time – and the Virtual Booster allows more effective shared power of the heating zones, even if one is using the Booster function.


Best of all, the Bridge function allows two heating zones to be controlled and treated as one, simply by touching two sensors at the same time – a feature especially useful for large saucepans, casserole dishes and griddles.


Simon Freear, country manager for Amica in the UK, is thrilled with the new hob. He comments: “Inari is beautiful, very unusual and quite special. We took it to the Portway Trade Show last month where it was extremely well received, and many retailers already have it on display with our Scandium oven. Inari and Scandium is a perfect partnership with modern and flexible features convenient for a fast-paced lifestyle, providing those who can cook with the flexibility they want and giving those who can’t cook a helping hand with pre-programmed settings and an anti-burn warm hob setting.


“Inari and Scandium look great together and provide a catalogue of highly saleable features and benefits for our retailers. We have just introduced a new freestanding retail display in contemporary walnut to showcase three ovens and two hobs, in which Inari and Scandium are a must.”


Amica’s Inari hob is available in 60cm and 77cm and is covered by Amica’s full two year parts and labour guarantee.

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