Panasonic Kitchen Culture

Panasonic Kitchen Culture

A new relationship with design

Panasonic has reinvented the small appliances category by ergonomically and thoughtfully designing a new range of modern classics. The launch of these models marks an important strategic approach for Panasonic as it now enters into a new arena in Europe. However, this is a company with a reputation for technology, innovation and design that already precedes it and has the underlying reassurances of an existing, vast line up of products in Japan, where Panasonic has market leader status in domestic appliances.

The product design story is the outcome of a close collaboration between two of Panasonic’s prominent global design centres in Europe and Japan that was presented at IFA 2012. Panasonic has cleverly combined robust materials, function and unpretentious yet iconic design aesthetics with the new Kettle, Toaster, Coffee Maker and the W series, Hydrapower Steam Iron featuring patented technology. Their investigation has explored consumers’ primary purchasing behaviours and current trends in interior kitchen style that has resulted in an imbued and sensible approach to design details, rather than drawing upon obvious clichés. Recognising that the kitchen is often the creative hub and pulse of the modern home; the clean, contemporary lines of the new design icons are a response to a desire for enigmatic and intelligent design that complement different kitchen styles, without compromising on functionality.

Zeena Hill, marketing manager, domestic appliances, Panasonic UK concludes:

"We know Panasonic cares very much about what its products look like, so all the design elements have received meticulous, 360-degree attention. The thematic consistency of the square provides contemporary cool, but at the same time the shape effortlessly provides a solution to neat, space-saving placement int he kitchen."

Each model has been designed to sit flush against a wall or neatly in a corner and features well-engineered design principles with modern function. Particular attention and importance has been given to the innovative use of high-quality materials that further assures iconic design status for the new range.



Panasonic Toaster NT-ZP1/NT-DP1

– Dual-grill function for different bread sizes
– Extra wide slots
– Built-in warming rack – perfect for warming croissants and buns
– Cool-touch application
– Illuminating seven-level browning control indicator panel
High-gloss white or black eShop price: £69.99
Grey or violet glass finish eShop price: £119.99



Panasonic Kettle NC-ZK1/NC-DK
– Non-drip spout
– Built-in limescale filter
– Glass water level window
– 360o rotating base
Available in Grey, Violet, High Gloss White or Black
eShop price: £69.99
Panasonic Coffee Maker NC-ZF1/NC-DF1 
– Stainless steel jug keeps coffee warmer for longer
– Keep warm plate that shuts off after a set time
– Quick and efficient way to make coffee in three simple steps
– Removable mesh filter 
– Aroma control 
– Tea brewing function
High gloss black or white eShop price: £69.99
Grey or violet glass eShop price: £119.99
Panasonic Hydapower Steam Iron W Series
– Unique curved and double-headed soleplate design
– Patented Alumite scratchproof soleplate
– Easy to grip arm
– Evenly distributed bodyweight to ensure good balance
– Easy to view rear to improve functionality
– Steam function
Black/Silver or Violet Silver eShop price: £79.99
Aquamarine/White eShop price: £69.99
Violet/White eShop price: £59.99
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