Please don ignore Microsoft offerings

Please don ignore Microsoft offerings

I first want to say its important in the context of this post to say I Monster Beats Headphones By Dr. Dre work for Microsoft but hopefully this wont be held Monster Beats Pro Headphones against me :). Second I want to stress im speaking here as an individual and don’t represent the company, I am merely really liking what I see on SquareSpace and hope to see more technologies that I am familiar with get integrated. I know this platform is built around what is probably a fairly large set of non-Microsoft technologies and I have no issue with it, I merely want to see your module set grow.

So to that extent I hope that you don’t ignore what Microsoft has to offer in terms of web-enabling features for your community through modules. My hope is that you can consider implementing modules that provide your users choices around our technologies including:

– Integration into using the Microsoft Blob (or Monster Beats Ibeats Amazon Monster Beats S3) service through your admin interface to upload files, videos, etc. Implementing technology well is never easy so I don’t expect to see this tomorrow but merely put it in front as an option. As you probably know we also have people who can discuss this with you in more detail if you ever need any guidance, or contact Beats Tour By Dr Dre me directly.

Thanks for building a great platform, I am already looking to use it for a few personal website for me and my friends.

Thanks Dmitry. We are not Dr Dre Headphones Monster Beats anti-Microsoft (other than our frustration that Internet Explorer does not integrate CSS3 or a speedy JS engine). We do tend to like to build our own solutions to problems, so that is why there are very few 3rd party integrated modules (google maps amazon books).

That said, here are some comments to follow up:

– Integration into using the Microsoft Blob (or Amazon S3) service through your admin interface to upload files, videos, etc. I personally like the idea of having an open standard for video (not Silverlight, Quicktime, or Flash)

We will have an in-house calendar module. First round will likely be based on in-system entry, but future revisions will likely support integration with a variety of calendar providers


Thanks for engaging this! Please feel free to speak up about any other system improvements, we are listening and actively discussing anything we hear from our users that we haven’t thought of already 🙂

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