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The bedroom is the one place we can retire to after a long, arduous day. It’s a homeowner’s haven and a place where we spend around a third of our lives and yet for many years furniture manufacturers have appeared to lack inspiration when compared to the furniture designs of the other rooms in the home like the kitchen for instance. However, I’m delighted to report that this situation is changing rapidly with an abundance of designer collections for us to choose from.

Because our bedrooms are private and not usually seen by visitors, homeowners have a real chance to express themselves and shy away from the norm. However, with so many bedrooms having an en-suite (especially master bedrooms) it is important that both the bathroom and bedroom form a whole, and so should be designed in a complementary style. It’s fashionable for these two rooms to be united in one single space and with this in mind, it is important to consider how the bedroom’s interior can influence the design concept behind both en-suite and dressing area.

Architects and developers are recognising the demand for this type of living space and subsequently are splitting the proportions of bedroom spaces to accommodate the different functions of bathing, sleeping and dressing. We are seeing this especially with new-build tenders as bedroom spaces may be slightly smaller to allow for larger dressing and bathing areas. Equally in some renovation projects, we are suggesting smaller sleeping areas, to allow for other zones that provide this boutique hotel-style of living. To make this work I believe that it’s critical to ensure the room design and decor is consistent. It’s also really important for the designer to determine the lifestyle of the homeowner to generate best working layout of the two rooms and how the relationship between each connected interior works. Personally, I look for three determining factors to successfully achieve this look: space, flow and function.

First and foremost, determine the desired style of the project, as this will be instrumental to the finished effect, e.g. contemporary or traditional, minimalist or cosy. Once identified, decide upon a coherent colour scheme and use it consistently throughout the overall design. Creating impact and adding interest is easily achieved by including a few statement pieces, drawing the eye to associated focal points.

Dressing areas are becoming a new and exciting feature to consider but it has to be a much organised space. Countless storage solutions need to be catered for to provide a structured order of space for hanging, storing and shelving. Good designers can tailor every aspect of one’s wardrobe and so even if they are faced with a ‘fashionista’ wanting to compete with the likes of ‘Gok Wan’ in the fashion stakes, then we can easily recreate the ultimate dressing room experience with an area that’s truly bespoke for their needs. Most wardrobes can now be incorporated into the design itself and no longer seem to be an intrusive consideration. In fact, many now add to the overall aesthetics and not just to the function of the room.

The latest bedroom design incorporates a vast array of storage solutions, furthermore retailers can recommend LED-illuminated lighting rails, pull-down hanging rails for easy access and even special compartments for every garment type.

When choosing a bedroom remember that all aspects, including the interior finish, function and materials need to work with each other. Each interior design should incorporate the way we live and by consulting a design professional who understands your very own lifestyle needs, they will ensure that you get a bedroom of your dreams.

An interior by Plug in Design always reflects the very latest ideas and styles, but it also takes its inspiration directly from the client, which is paramount to any retailer’s success. Handling all aspects of each project, from the design right through to sourcing the product and installation, we have the experience and knowledge to bring originality to every space.

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