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Much more than just a concept

Comments attributable to Hayley Tarrington, Creative Director, Plug in Design

Interior Design is more than just a concept; it is about creating a lifestyle that suits you. Innovation and creativity is key to achieving an interior that will rival any show home. Whether you’re a keen follower of fashion, an advocate of atypical designs or simply a traditionalist at heart, then the evolving market place will have a product to suit you. But, with so much choice available it can sometimes be overwhelming, which is why a design expert is so crucial to creating a sound interior that works in conjunction with you and the rest of your home.

My advice to creating an interior that is fresh and appealing to all tastes is simple – too much of a good thing is sometimes not the best! Plug in Design focuses its efforts on offering a tailored design consultancy service that encapsulates every aspect of the home; design, layout, flow, style and, most importantly, individuality. So, let’s start on the ground floor and work our way up!!

Living – From armchairs, furniture, storage and throws to curtains, tiles, paint, rugs, cushions and wallpaper, there are some fantastic products on the market at the moment that have been produced in single or multi-colourways. Splash out on a roll of ornate designer Marella Rose wallpaper by Bisazza for instance and this can help you create a stunning feature. And the result? A designer look without the hefty designer price tag, providing you with changeable wall art that can easily be updated. The key is to stick to the styles you usually adhere to. For instance, if you’re a lover of modern design, you could treat your dining table to a selection of designer plastic chairs in an assortment of funky colours. For those with a penchant for traditional design, a fancy chaise longue in a single bold shade with clashing block-coloured cushions would look fab. Have fun and make it your own as interior schemes are adaptable to seasonal change, too. Fresh, vibrant shades are perfect for the spring and summer months when we’re all full of energy, so while it lasts, make the most of it and start revitalizing your living area! For that international, high-quality appearance with an international vibe evoking contemporary glamour, consider BiMax or Artelinea, luxury Italian Design specialists for the home.

Kitchen – Storage is an obvious factor to consider within the kitchen, ensuring a clutter-free appearance that will accommodate your needs. With literally thousands of storage options out there, providing solutions for a spatially challenged kitchen or large expanse of space means the options are endless. Magic corners, plinth storage drawers and low plinths are just some options to contemplate. Always try to consider maximising worktop space; assuming that a kitchen will have a minimum requirement of a sink and a hob, opt for built-under appliances to keep work and food preparation areas free. Also consider a tall unit that will not only house your oven but a built-in microwave and possibly a coffee maker too – this way you can provide extra worktop space ensuring the kitchen feels less claustrophobic.

Make sure your kitchen has as much natural light as possible and then supplement this with carefully selected task and ambient lighting. Keep it as simple as possible ensuring that it is free from fuss and clutter. Opt for a contemporary design that has pale coloured, handle-less doors or a blonde wood (maple, beech, ash) if you prefer a wooden kitchen. Select built-under appliances where possible to maximise your surface area and if possible, blend your appliances with units to create straight lines and an overall linear effect. This also applies to the finish – simple and minimal clean finishes are perfect for creating the illusion of more space. Plug’s range of Pronorm and Poggenpohl kitchens has a specialist bespoke offering, therefore providing the greatest design freedom for both style and space.

Bedroom – For a safe purchase, opt for carefully chosen statement pieces for your bedroom that follow simple, classic styling as this will ensure longevity within this fast-paced, ever evolving world of interior design. This applies to all areas of your home, especially fitted integrated bedroom furniture, such as wardrobes, as normally this type of purchase will remain a permanent feature.
However, that doesn’t mean your bedroom has to be uninspiring. Once your furniture is in place, accessorise with the season’s latest ‘must-haves’ to give an en-vogue feel that can easily be modified. Add interest to a uniform bedroom setting by adding a splash of colour with a statement side table, snug throw and coordinating cushions. This way, you can subtly add a coherent colour scheme, without the results being everlasting. For the best in dressing rooms, consider having your own dedicated vanity and dressing area. This will not only give your bedroom a sense of boutique chic but it will allow your bedroom to remain clean and tidy from unsightly clothes, shoes and toiletries that are of course necessary, but not really suitable on show.

Bathroom – The bathroom is an area that requires careful thought and consideration. However, even when working with a small budget, it’s possible to achieve a fresh, new look that can be easily maintained over the years. Start with a staple, white suite that features little or no fussy detail and clean lines. This will ensure the suite doesn’t tire as trends come and go and you can be assured that your money has been spent wisely. Italian home specialists, ex.t, offer an ideal range of Tuscany inspired sanitaryware, unique in form and designed to complement any space. The great thing about bathrooms is that you can totally rejuvenate the aesthetics without having to replace the existing sanitaryware. Having a simple suite in situ allows you, over time, to replace the brassware, tiles and accessories to give it a totally new look and feel. Even the simple task of introducing fresh new towels in the season’s latest shade can have a dramatic impact. However, if you want to make a big statement, why not consider something that is truly inspired (or just personal choice!)? For example, Artceram offers a uniquely daring sanitaryware collection that has a cow-like print design and finish. Unusual I hear you say? Well, when partnered with co-ordinating bathroom accessories, this collection is ideally suited to a plain backdrop. This will allow the bold design to speak for itself and become the room’s main focus, adding fun to a space that can sometimes become rather clinical.

In short, the home has multiple functions with a variety of definitions for each room. So, by employing the services of an experienced interior designer will help to ensure you maximise every available option to you. Interior design doesn’t just mean what colour to paint your walls, it is a lifestyle.

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