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Bring home modern, hi-tech touch control with the Prodigy® In-Wall Touchpanel

Bring home modern, hi-tech touch control with the Prodigy® In-Wall Touchpanel. Trade the walk to the stereo cabinet, loaded with too many confusing knobs and buttons, for a user-friendly graphic-driven touch screen experience in any room of the house. While at the In-Wall Touchpanel, even adjust the lights and temperature, and check for any open doors or windows. Get the most out of home and technology with Prodigy by Crestron®.

The Prodigy In-Wall Touchpanel displays a simple layout for all home control. Press the "Media" button and explore the music collection on your iPod® or iPhone®. Browse by artist, song and playlist in every room, as if the iPod was actually there. Visually select favorite radio stations by genre. Intuitive "Lights" and "Climate" buttons deliver exactly the controls needed to keep the home atmosphere comfortable and efficient. Quickly and easily schedule temperature set points for every day of the week and automatically dim up outdoor lights when the sun goes down.

The Prodigy In-Wall Touchpanel is your central hub to total home control. Bring home the power, reliability, and intelligence of Crestron in addition to decades of industry leading experience at an affordable price. Engineered with you in mind, Prodigy proves to be simple + affordable.

Visual Home Control Hub
Demand the most out of home technology with confidence.
• Control music, TV, lights, climate, and even security from one simple interface
• Graphically displays song updates, temperature reading, light levels and more
• Reduce wall clutter with one simple interface
Versatile Control
Simplify life with one intuitive control device.
• Touchscreen layout automatically customized for each system
• Replace stacks of remote controls with just one
• Modern engraved faceplate frames bright color touchscreen to provide easy navigation
A Control Solution for Every Budget
Now the innovation, flexibility and reliability of Crestron automation are available in an economical package.
• Control entire home from one touchpanel, or bring vivid graphics and intuitive interfaces to every room in the house
• Prodigy Composer software designs custom touchpanel in just a few clicks
• Power, simplicity, and reliability of Crestron is now a reality within reach

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