Protherm Blocks

Specification Attachment:


Porotherm facilitates smarter, faster construction and earlier completion

Hard costs
Porotherm wall costs are roughly equal to traditional blockwork, but with significantly faster build potential.

Soft costs
Due to the speed of construction, storey height in a day capability is possible and with 95% less in built water, significant programme benefits can arise. 

Wall Speed and Cost Indicator 
The indicator compares construction speeds and indicative costs for concrete blockwork and core range Porotherm blockwork.

U Value Indicator 
The U value indicator allows you to imput your desired wall U value, select insualants and finishes, and will recommend the required Porotherm block thickness.

  • Typically 20-30% MARSS recycled content
  • Reduced energy consumption in manufacture
  • Innumerable interconnected pores and web pattern aid thermal performance
  • Breathable structure allows diffusion of water vapour
  • Ground to +/-�mm tolerance on block heights aids fast construction
  • Sharp edges removed during grinding process
  • Interlocking vertical joints, no mortar required
  • Typical compressive strength 10N/mm2
  • Intrinsically fire resistant

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