MD at QMotion UK, Ian Claxton, discusses automation trends in bedrooms

Ian Claxton explains that, with busy lifestyles, homeowners are looking for a complete, powerful and easy-to-use package that requires minimal hassle during installation and little maintenance

“There is an increasing demand for smart, integrated solutions in the show home that offer high levels of control and convenience. With busy lifestyles, homeowners are looking for a complete, powerful and easy-to-use package that requires minimal hassle during installation and little maintenance. With this in mind, there is a growing desire for innovative wire free technology that comes with enhanced benefits compared to previous automated technologies.

Quick, fingertip operation and advancements via iOS and Android devices will play an integral role in driving the market through 2015, as we’re seeing these quickly becoming an essential element in all areas of home automation as well as everyday life. For motorised shading it doesn’t stop there, as there is a constant command for improvement on all design aspects from reducing the noise pollution of their functionality to creating the tools that provide the ability to control energy and temperature levels in a building through blinds.

As more smart controls and communication protocols evolve, the industry can expect more flexibility and product enhancements to make their customers lives easier and better. QMotion UK is launching the new Transitions range of wire free, automated blinds for summer 2015. Homeowners can control their blinds at the touch of a button that will instantly fully open, close or filter the light through it’s horizontally striped design, providing a perfect balance of light filtering and privacy.

This design cleverly combines the privacy of a slatted blind with the elegant translucency of a sheer, light filtering roller blind. This cordless design is operated via remote control, smartphone or tablet and can be integrated with leading home automation systems.

Made with two adjustable and cascading panels, the Transition Blinds overlap to shift between privacy mode and sheer view, according to your preference. A key advancement in light and visibility management for the home, they’re easy to install too with no need for an electrician as a concealed battery operates them. Highly responsive and almost silent, an infinite number of blinds can be controlled using just one remote.

One driving factor behind our latest natural lighting and shade control products is the growth of smart device technology and its use for home automation. More and more people are using smart phones everyday not only for normal use but to also make all aspects of their life easier.

Another factor is the public’s knowledge and awareness of “going green”. Using items like QMotion UK shades, which are battery powered and have a variety of energy saving fabric options, are much less of a draw on the environment and utilities than other options. Powered by standard D cell alkaline batteries housed in the blind’s tube, the blinds are completely free of wires and cords (wired low voltage is optional).

We believe that silence is one the greatest strengths of the blinds. Their counterbalanced springs store and discharge energy, which reduces the amount of power needed for operation. This gives the blinds expected lifecycles of anything from 2 years for large 3 metre wide blinds and up to 5 years for 1 metre wide blinds, (based on 2-4 full raise and lower operations per day). Boasting excellent heat and energy management, the blinds can also operate in groups, which is ideal for commercial or office installations.

The QMotion UK solution which best addresses integration is our motorised roller blind with many control options. This includes our QMotion UK App, which can be used to control our line of award winning products directly from your smart phone or tablet. These blinds help with natural light management and energy efficiency. The app can operate shades as groups or individually and can be used to raise or lower, move to preset positions, or even move by finger touches to allow finer adjustment.



About QMotion

When it comes to building a world-class company for automated window treatments, you need an inventor, someone who tweaks and tinkers late into the night because he’s fascinated by the elements that must be tamed and he’s excited by the challenge of fine-tuning products into perfection.

In QMotion’s case, that dedicated investigator of all things industrial is Willis Mullet, who founded QMotion Incorporated after spending many years improving garage doors and garage door openers. Willis is the former CEO of the Wayne Dalton Corp, one of the USA’s leading manufacturers of garage doors and openers. While at Wayne Dalton, he helped steer major advancements in insulated garage doors including the first pinch resistant sectional joints as well as a revolutionary torsion spring counterbalance system that quickly became the envy of the industry.

Willis has injected QMotion Advanced Shading Systems with that same dynamic energy, crafting ways to make window treatments and electric shades move quietly, more efficiently, and have batteries that last years longer or equally innovative low voltage powered shades.

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