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Ian Claxton, Director of QMotion UK, speaks to Showhome about home automation trends and the future of smart building developments.

There is an increasing demand for smart, integrated solutions in the home that offer high levels of control and convenience. With busy lifestyles, homeowners are looking for a complete, powerful and easy-to-use package that requires minimal hassle during installation and little maintenance. Ian Claxton, Director at QMotion UK gives us some insight into the trends for home automation and opportunities for smart building developments.


What trends have you noticed in home automation recent times, and what do you think is likely to drive the market in 2014?

There is a growing desire for innovative wire free technology that comes with enhanced benefits compared to previous automated technologies. Quick, fingertip operation and advancements via iOS and Android devices will play an integral role in driving the market through 2014, as we’re seeing these quickly becoming an essential element in all areas of home automation as well as everyday life. For motorised shading it doesn’t stop there, as there is a constant command for improvement on all design aspects from reducing the noise pollution of their functionality to creating the tools that provide the ability to control energy and temperature levels in a building through blinds.

People like the smart look feel in today’s market. QMotion UK can meet their needs by bringing them a new innovative wire free motorised technology. This product is noise friendly, avoids complicated building works, can be operated by remote or smartphone app, and brings convenience as you can manage control of your blinds wherever you are. Our blinds are beautifully designed with many fabric selections to choose from to help smarten the look and feel of homes. The way forward is defiantly motorised binds. Our roller shades collection range is now readily available to help find the best wire free window covering solution for you.

Where are the biggest opportunities for AV and electronic systems integrators in ‘smart buildings’?

We have all seen the great control of the AV world, but very few integrators are excelling in the control of energy consumption within the home. QMotion UK has taken the first few steps and created the tools for installers to be able to control energy and temperature levels in a building. There is an opportunity to set points for the HVAC to come on to cool a space, but a more advanced option is to control the levels of solar energy so that a HVAC is not required. A multi-floor developer’s building, for example, will benefit from a 15-25% reduction in solar energy absorption with sophisticated ‘solar control’ blinds that manage this. QMotion UK blinds supply an innovative alternative to conventional automated blinds for the installer, as these can be pre-set to close incrementally on warm days, helping to combat the solar energy before it enters a space. This solution can yield great returns for corporate building management costs as well as the family home. We’re taking wireless motorised solar shading to new levels and continue to develop the technology to bring new and innovative window treatments to the market. With many more products in the pipeline QMotion UK are extremely well placed to meet immediate and future needs for the most technologically advanced wireless shading solutions available today.

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