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Hi-fi marque launches flagship

In addition to CD, the DAC circuit can handle audio data from external digital music sources, converting data of up to 24-bit/192kHz with minimum jitter and maximum accuracy. From dedicated audio devices to desktop and laptop computers, the Platinum DMPʼs advanced DAC and output circuitry deliver vast improvements to sound quality from any digital music source. For optimum performance, Quad provides driver software to enable asynchronous data transfer from PCs and Macs via USB.ʼs classy, aluminium remote handset).ʼs sonic performance is reliant upon maintaining the accuracy and precision of the digital signal extracted from a CD or external digital source and the resulting analogue music signal at the output stages. Quadʼs engineers have designed a four-layer PCB to minimise electromagnetic interaction between digital and analogue signals and the power supply paths. In addition, the linear power supply is driven from a low-noise toroidal transformer and no fewer than 13 regulated supplies; these deliver optimal power to the individual circuits and help to ensure a high degree of isolation between the digital and analogue domains.ʼs new flagship solid-state power amps have a peerless reputation to uphold. The Platinum Stereo and Platinum Mono are the culmination of a seven-year project to devise an amp configuration offering extremely low distortion and low gain, and the ability to drive any loudspeaker.by the use of a DC servo – a circuit that compensates for any unwanted DC voltage and removes it without affecting the music signal.ʼs requirements. A 12V trigger is also provided, enabling the amps to power up and down automatically in line with the Platinum DMP.ʼs classic Quad: simple, solid and classy on the outside and devilishly clever within. Delivering high-fidelity sound in its purest form from every digital source, theʼs mission statement: “the closest approach to the

Legendary British hi-fi brand Quad is delighted to announce the launch of its long-awaited Platinum Series of high-performance audio electronics. First out of the blocks is a generously specified CD player/DAC/preamp called the Platinum DMP, together with two power amplifiers – the Platinum Stereo and Platinum Mono.

Designed to make the most of any digital stereo music source, the Platinum DMP (Digital Media Player) incorporates a high-quality CD transport constructed from die-cast aluminium and ABS compound, its CD tray supported by high-grade steel rods running through sintered bronze bearings. This construction reduces noise and vibration through critical damping of the mechanical components, allowing the laser to read the disc with unerring accuracy.

From the CD mechanism, data is passed to twin Cirrus Logic 24-bit/192kHz Delta-Sigma D/A converters.

This DAC configuration utilises the D/A converters in double differential mode with a dedicated D/A converter

to each channel for optimum stereo performance. A high-precision master clock is placed locally to the DAC circuitry to minimise the occurrence of jitter (a sonically deleterious form of digital distortion).

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Connectivity options are plentiful. There are six digital inputs (3x optical; 2x RCA; 1x USB) and four digital outputs (1x optical; 1x RCA; 1x BNC; 1x AES/EBU). Analogue outputs are provided in two forms: balanced XLR and single-ended RCA.

Post-DAC filtering is carried out via linear phase active filters with audiophile-grade FET op-amps. A fully differential signal path feeds the balanced XLR outputs, while both the XLR and RCA outputs can be independently configured for fixed or variable level operation (variable output enables volume level to be controlled via the DMP

The Platinum DMP

When it comes to amplification, the Platinum Stereo and Platinum Mono are perfect partners for the Platinum DMP. As their names suggest, the Platinum Stereo is a stereo power amp that delivers 150W per channel into eight ohms, while the Platinum Mono is a monoblock design with a rating of 180W into eight ohms.

Quad amplifiers have been widely acclaimed since the 1950s and the brand

The specially designed Platinum output stage accommodates a large number of output transistors, each one driven from its own driver transistor to maximise linearity. This unusual output section enables virtually flat output impedance to be presented to the loudspeaker across the frequency domain, leading to a more natural dynamic performance throughout the audio spectrum.

The use of tight-tolerance precision parts in key areas guarantees both consistency between channels and adherence to the design specification. Top quality, audiophile-grade components, from the large power supply capacitors to the circuitry that controls the amplifier open loop gain, are all carefully chosen for their combined sound quality, and dynamic performance – a critical element of music reproduction – is enhanced by ensuring each amplification stage is fed by its own power supply.

Amplifier stages are usually linked by capacitors to take care of DC offsets, but capacitors in the signal path degrade the purity of the audio signal. In the Platinum power amps, direct coupling of each stage is enabled

Quad has undertaken extensive research into electromagnetic interference inside amplifiers and both new power amps pay particular attention to the control of crosstalk and the flow of magnetic fields. There are new PCB layouts to screen signal paths, while custom-made transformers protect amplifier boards from magnetic interference and hum induction, contributing to an ultra-clean technical performance with vanishingly low levels of noise and distortion.

Both the Platinum Stereo and Platinum Mono sport connection terminals of the highest quality, with a choice of balanced XLR and single-ended RCA inputs and rugged, gold-plated speaker terminals to accommodate single- or bi-wiring, according to the user

Whether the Platinum DMP is partnered with a Platinum Stereo or a pair of Platinum Monos, the end result is a musical performance of beguiling power and finesse, brimming with dynamic contrast and subtle detail for an exceptionally realistic experience. Neither too warm nor too bright, the Platinum Series delivers them truthful sonic neutrality for which Quad is famed, accurately reproducing the harmonic and dynamic structure of live music and ensuring every musical performance is delivered in its entirety – true to the recording and utterly unrestrained.

Platinum Series components are designed to work together seamlessly, optimising high-definition signal transfer whilst also ensuring compatibility with a wide range of partnering equipment. The Platinum amps will happily drive any loudspeaker the user chooses (Quad itself offers a wide range of speakers, both conventional and electrostatic), while the Platinum DMP treats external digital sources with the same exceptional level of fidelity as CDs that are placed within its drawer.

The Platinum Series is the best solid-state component range Quad has ever produced, the next step up from the highly acclaimed Elite Series. In many ways, it

Platinum Series is the perfect encapsulation of Quad

original sound”.

The Quad Platinum DMP, Platinum Stereo and Platinum Mono are available from September, with an SRP of £2499.95 (inc. VAT) per component. A separate preamplifier, the Platinum Pre, will launch later this year.

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