Rainwater Harvesting

For award winning affordable homes…

RainWater Harvesting Ltd has supplied a cost effective rainwater harvesting solution for Waterloo Housing, the award winning affordable homes built in the Leicestershire village of Long Whatton.

The 15 properties spread across two sites have received a top rating from North West Leicestershire District Council in its ‘Our Place’ design awards.

By using a tank size calculation spreadsheet, RainWater Harvesting Ltd was able to correctly size the tanks in line with the Code for Sustainable Homes. Nine properties were able to share 3 x 6500 litre below ground tanks and six properties were able to share 2 x 6500 litre tanks.

By using the WRAS approved RainDirector, the smart header tank system, it was possible to use a shared underground tank system whilst still maintaining individually metered mains water and electricity to each dwelling, enabling the residents to maintain control over bills instead of having to use a landlords’ supply.

A number of site visits were scheduled in to support the ground workers and plumbers to ensure that the installation was simple and correct.

As well as rainwater harvesting, the energy saving homes feature heat recovery systems, which provide air ventilation to re-use heat and help reduce energy costs for residents.

Rainwater harvesting uses water straight off the roof for washing clothes, flushing the toilet, watering the garden and washing the car. While using the energy conscious system such as the Rain Director, the power cost of the pump needed in any rainwater harvesting system is only 1p per person per day.

For further information Tel: 01733 405 111 or visit www.rainwaterharvesting.co.uk


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