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Green Energy EU is delighted to announce that Redwell has enhanced its heater catalogue this summer, in anticipation for the winter months and the expected surge in demand as householders move away from traditional forms of heating to the ‘cheaper to run’ infra red systems.

Green Energy EU is the UK’s only supplier of market leading Redwell technology which uses less wattage than traditional heating systems and so can achieve the same level of heating but at a much lower cost. Redwell Infrared Heating is 100% energy efficient and up to 50% more efficient than oil or gas. Unlike conventional systems, Redwell heating units heat the walls, ceiling and furnishing – not the air. Walls retain heat for longer than air and return warmth to the room.

Two brand new heaters have been launched, whilst a previously discontinued heater has been brought back to life. Redwell have also extended their Wellina range.

The black Frost Flower heating panel has been introduced to the range. This very attractive structured glass panel comes in a range of power consumptions from 630 Watts to 1400 Watts. Sizes range from roughly 1m x 620mm oblong, to a 920mm square panel, to the much larger 2 metre x 820mm panel. This aesthetically pleasing design would add an interesting element to any home or office.

The next new design is the Redwell Number 3. This very attractive free standing heater is designed to be moveable. The heating element is white steel and the base is polished black-stained beech wood. This stylish heater is only available in a 250Watt version and the size of the unit is 700mm x 430 and the plinth is 150mm wide.

The Panel wave ceiling heater has been reintroduced by Redwell and fits back in the niche for ceiling-panel heaters for use in office spaces. The panel wave comes in two different sizes of 598 x 598 mm and 618 x 618mm, with power consumption of 430 Watts.

Redwell have also expanded the Wellina range to include a 350 Watt and 910 Watt panel variant. All Wellina heaters can now be printed with picture motifs, just like the Redwell Picture panel. Consumers can choose from a range of existing print motifs or can submit their own favourite photo for printing on the heater.

Green Energy EU is the only distributor and dealer of Redwell Infrared technology in the UK, which is leading the field in domestic alternative heating systems.

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