Residential Warranties


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We have a great deal of experience in arranging Residential Warranties

We have a great deal of experience in arranging Residential Warranties. Our expertise means that we can obtain specialist solutions which may not be available through other routes.

Our Role

We can arrange warranties under the following circumstances:
• Prior to development
• During development
• Post development.

These warranties generally run for a period of 10 years after the practical completion of the property. We are independent and utilise a number of Insurers to ensure the insurance solutions we provide meet your requirements and those of mortgage lenders.
The Benefits to You

We work with companies and individuals who may be considering a warranty for any of the following reasons:

• You are seeking an alternative to the traditional residential warranty providers
• No warranty has been arranged, due to an oversight
• Mortgage lenders have requested a warranty as a mortgage requirement
• Contractors have changed during construction, or gone into liquidation
• The development is a conversion of an existing property (including barn conversions)
• A self-build project where circumstances have subsequently changed.

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