Sky urges developers to meet needs of today’s savvy buyers or risk losing out

Sky urges developers to meet needs of today’s savvy buyers or risk losing out

Today’s buyers are becoming increasingly savvy when it comes to home entertainment and they expect any new development to have the very latest technology. However, not all developers are spending enough time thinking about their future residents’ TV needs when planning new homes – which can be a costly mistake to make.

As a developer it is essential you consider your TV solution at an early stage of the building process, as having the right specifications can really help sell homes. In the current economic climate developers need their builds to stand out from the crowd. Sky+ is the most popular recording system in the UK and a property with a system that can offer Sky+HD, Multiroom or any of the other Sky products and is particularly attractive to potential buyers – making it easier to sell the property.

Head of Sky Communal Solutions, Pascal Wharton, comments: “Offering entertainment options such as Sky gives a property added appeal but it’s critical to have the correct specifications in place to fully realise the marketing advantages. For example, to provide Sky+, with features such as the ability to pause and rewind live TV and record two programmes at the same time, requires a ‘5 cable IRS (Integrated Reception System)’ communal solution with two signal feeds for each satellite point in the home – rather than a single feed.”

Developers need to plan the correct TV system at an early stage of the build. This will avoid mistakes such as inadequate number of points being installed for the number of rooms, the wrong wiring, or even an unsuitable TV system, being used – all of which can be expensive
and time consuming to rectify. Installing a correctly specified communal system from Sky will future-proof the homes and ensure they are ready for Digital Switchover.

One third of existing households now have Sky and many homebuyers now insist on it. Sky’s comprehensive communal solutions including IRS, provide a complete range of entertainment from Sky and other providers, including Freesat from BBC/ITV, Freeview and DAD radio.
By opting for Sky+ HD buyers can enjoy the very best TV experience with up to five times more detail and incredibly vibrant colours.
To advise on communal TV solutions and the necessary specification requirements, Sky has a dedicated specialist team offering comprehensive help and support to house builders, developers and contractors. In addition, Sky Approved Installers can provide local knowledge and step-by-step support throughout the whole process.

Pascal Wharton, continues: “Our team will make the whole installation process straightforward and hassle free, whether you are building a single block of flats or a whole complex. They will talk through plans and look at your requirements to work out the best TV solution at an
early stage. You can choose to work with our specialist installers or your own contractors using our detailed specification guides. Using standard specifications one simple communal solution will give buyers access to the entertainment they love – and this can really help
sell properties.”

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