Solar assisted heat pump – Public Consultation Period announced

Magic Thermodynamic Box limited can now announce that since the removal of Thermodynamics from the MCS products list and after many months of working with the MCS Steering group on Thermodynamics we have now achieved a new category created for our British made Little Thermodynamic Magic Box. 

The official title for the product will be “Solar assisted heat pump”. This is to represent the additional benefit of the daylight  performance. The British made Little Magic Thermodynamic box works 24 hours a day producing hot water for domestic cylinders up to 330 litres.  

The average installation time is only 4 hours. It has been tested on performance at Cambridge Refrigeration test centre.It has little or no maintenance required. It will not suffer the same problems of stagnation and vaporisation associated with Solar Thermal systems. Basically it is a fit and forget system.

It is made in Britain for the British climate under licence by Calorex who have been manufacturing heat pumps successfully for 38 years. The public consultation period started 10th April and will last for one month.

The next big date for the product will be July 8th for ‘Final proposal put to the MCS Standards Management Group for sign off’. 

Please follow link for full details;-

Why not come and see this unique product now and be prepared for the big day of MCS product listing. As with all MCS listed product a Tariff may be available under the RHI scheme.

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