Stovax and Gazco fire your imagination

Stovax and Gazco fire your imagination

This autumn Stovax and Gazco are introducing more new products than ever before and all with a strong focus on technical innovation, designer aesthetics and an increased choice. Whatever the setting, Stovax and Gazco’s range or market-leading wood, multi-fuel, gas and electric stoves and fires have been created to give an immediate wow factor to any room and conjure an instantly inviting atmosphere for anyone stepping into a home for the first time.

Double your view with Stovax’s Riva Studio Duplex

For a stunning feature that can generate a fabulous ambience in two rooms at once, the new Riva Studio 2 Duplex is the perfect choice. The Duplex is the first double-sided wood cassette fire to be introduced into the Stovax Riva Studio range. Offering the ultimate in versatility, each side of the Duplex can be styled with a completely different frame option from the existing Riva Studio selection. From the clean contemporary Edge to the opulent stone Pienza, or the sparkling Glass to the bold curved Verve, you can achieve a distinctive look in each room, whilst still enjoying the rolling flames from the very same fire.
In terms of performance, the Riva Studio 2 Duplex is matched only by its single-sided equivalent, boasting a highly efficient firebox with an impressive heat output of up to 10kW. The Duplex can additionally benefit from Stovax’s new optional Sealed Air System that will eliminate almost any draft from within the room.
Whether as a centrepiece to an open-plan living space, or as a connecting feature between two separate rooms, the Riva Studio 2 Duplex offers an undeniably contemporary aesthetic and the ultimate appeal in dual space heating.
And it’s not just for wood fuel that the Duplex has been developed – Gazco has also introduced a gas version of the Duplex, again allowing separate frame options for each side of the fire if a different look for two distinct living areas is required.

Riva 45 and 50 Cassette fires offer new proportions

The Stovax Riva Cassette range of wood and multi-fuel fires has been designed to get the most from a fireplace. The Riva 45 and Riva 50 models have been developed to add even more choice to the range, so all the traditional pleasure of having a fireplace in a room can be combined with hugely impressive levels of heat output and clean, modern styling. The models are up to 83% efficient and there are smoke-controlled versions for homes in built-up areas. Again aesthetics are an important consideration and the Rivas come in a choice of colours and frame styles.

New range of premium Gazco gas fires – Riva2 530 & 670

Gazco is proud to introduce the Riva2 530 and 670, two additional sizes to further extend the highly regarded Riva2 family. These attractive fires include an all-new log effect engine with hand-painted detailing and a glowing ember bed; the perfect complement to the beautifully long and lazy flame picture. The portrait 530 and the landscape 670 both offer high efficiency heating, unsurpassed realism and complete ease of use with their state of the art remote controls.
The Riva2 530 & 670 fires can also be customised with a choice of three firebox linings; classic Brick, contemporary Vermiculite and a timeless Black Reeded effect. Each lining offers a significantly different appearance to the fire, allowing customers a greater opportunity to select the perfect combination of fire, internal lining and frame to suit their own interior décor.

Verve continues its upward curve

Continuing its success from the 2011 launch, the distinctive Verve frame is now available for the portrait style Studio 22 gas fire. Already popular with the landscape format Studio 1, 2 & 3 models, the stunning Verve frame is a welcome addition to the current selection already available for the high efficiency Studio 22.
The Studio 22 Verve retains the subtle curving form, high quality Graphite finish, and the option to customise to your interior décor with either Metallic Red, Metallic Blue, Metallic Bronze or Ivory finishes. With its attractive design and bold colour choices, the Studio 22 Verve will add vertical definition and make an impressive style statement, whatever the setting.

New Riva2 670 Electric

Available from October, Gazco is pleased to introduce a new premium fire to the range – the Riva2 670 Electric. Boasting the company’s unique VeriFlame™ technology, as already featured in Gazco’s Electric Stoves, the stunning flame flickers through an outstandingly realistic log fuel bed, which has been expertly hand painted to create the ultimate in fire authenticity.
The fire’s handy remote control allows you to tailor the look of the fire to suit your mood with three brightness levels. There are also two heat settings that can both be thermostatically controlled, and the beautiful flame effect can even be enjoyed by itself on milder evenings as it can be run independently without any heat at all.

Our brochures are just one click or scan away

The entire collection of Stovax and Gazco brochures are available in one handy place and are easily accessible from your tablet or mobile device. The online brochure selector allows you to narrow or expand your brochure choices based on fuel preference, and will further assist you to make your selection by giving you easier access to images and information about Stovax and Gazco’s extensive range of stoves and fires.

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