The Dimplex DXPUR80 air purifier

Helps reduce odours and dust levels in the home

 Dimplex has launched a new modern air purifier, the DXPUR80, to help reduce odours and dust levels in the home.

The freestanding Dimplex DXPUR80 has been designed to draw the existing air within the room through an active carbon filter, which removes large dust particles and reduces odours in the room.

Finished in a modern white and green the Dimplex DXPUR80 air purifier is ideal for rooms sized around 28m2 and is ideal for children’s rooms and allergy sufferers. The stylish DXPUR80 air purifier offers two speeds for flexibility and the carbon filter only needs to be replaced every six to 12 months depending on usage.

The lightweight DXPUR80 is easily portable from room to room so it can be used where ever necessary and features a simple switch system for easy controllability. In addition, it uses very little to run thanks to its 25 Watt energy consumption.

The approximate price of the Dimplex DXPUR80 air purifier is £29.99

For more information about the Dimplex DXPUR80 air purifier call Dimplex on 0844 879 3588 or visit the website

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