The finishing touch to prestigious builds

The finishing touch to prestigious builds

Instant hedges and semi-mature trees- the range is endless

Instant hedge products and semi-mature trees from Practicality Brown provide the finishing touch to high calibre property developments, as well as creating a first impression that will really last. Backed by over 25 years experience, Practicality Brown specialises in providing expertise and advice to developers wanting to add the finishing touch to prestigious property builds.

Solutions such as the Instant Hedge, for example, create an immediate impact on new developments. This product, complete with UK provenance, can be easily handled and transplanted all year round with no risk of transplant shock. A full installation service is available and Practicality Brown usually fits a timed irrigation system so little further maintenance is required.

Hedge sections are available in a variety of species which can be used for screening, noise reduction and security. Most hedges are available at a full two metre height and hedge installations of up to 50 linear metres can be completed in one day. Practicality Browncurrently has over 28,000 linear metres of hedge in production, some of which is under contract grow for developers.

Looking at Practicality Brown’s selection of trees, the range appears endless, yet tree selection is made simple. Every site is visited by one of Practicality Brown’s staff, to fully understand the site conditions and what the developer is aiming to achieve, whether that’s instant greening, shade, impression or simply screening a neighbour’s window.

Most of Practicality Brown’s business is repeat it claims, picked up through relationships forged over many years. According to marketing manager, Prem Mann, the recent uncertainty in the housing market has brought more enquiries and new customers, all looking for that extra edge to offer potential purchasers.

According to Practicality Brown, the ability to provide big trees and the big hedge positions it as
the UK’s premier plant supplier with a reputation for customer service.

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The finishing touch to prestigious builds Instant hedges and semi-mature trees- the range is endless.

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