The new outdoor porcelain tile by Urbatek called Dublo

The perfect ceramic solution for every type of outdoor space

Urbatek part of the Porcelanosa Group recently introduced its new porcelain tile for use in outdoor areas. The technical features of Dublo, create a material that is resistant to the most adverse outdoor conditions.

60×60 cm in size and 20 mm thick, the tile has a non-slip surface that makes this new ceramic paving model the perfect ceramic solution for gardens, terraces, viewpoints, roof terraces, swimming pools, spas, resorts and every type of frequently used outdoor space.

Its design also means that it can be installed on all types of surface, depending on the intended use. In other words, Dublo can be placed directly on earth, sand or grass for a quick, functional installation as part of a temporary or permanent solution, or it can be used in a more traditional, highly resistant installation, particularly suitable for areas of frequent transit.

Furthermore, this new tile can be installed as part of the Butech Raised Access Floor system. This system is an excellent solution for outdoor spaces that require drainage or have a surface with a slope of up to 2%, although naturally it can simply be installed for aesthetic reasons. Butech is also part of the Group.

The Dublo through-body ceramic tile currently available in the Texture finish, giving it a warm and natural appearance, with two colour options: Grey and Beige.

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